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Marry Parker Follett, in the article The Giving of Orders,analyzes the proper and recommended ways of giving orders with an aim to create an effective working environment. The topic of discussion is stipulated by the fact that a lot of given orders can be negatively interpreted or received by people to whom the orders are being directed. Often, the subordinates feel intimidated when orders are given in a harsh manner rather than in proper ways like those calls for taking responsibility. The essence of giving and taking orders is to bring about a positive change or improvement in the matter involved and, therefore, the modes in which the orders are given ought to be analyzed carefully.

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The action of giving orders is mostly considered as an intention to improve any situation that demands engaging logical, reasoning, and intellectual agreement to be changed and developed. Giving orders should involve dictation by the situation and not by direct command from a supervisor. The ways and language in which the orders are given should build up positive attitudes, be clear and understandable, and provide effective feedback of the people to whom the orders are given.

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The idea of letting people take decisions at their own discretion, for example, letting them take responsibility, challenges my professional beliefs and values. Sometimes the workers want to do things they feel like doing even though not following the required standards because of the negativity in workplaces. Therefore, this calls for the supervisor to give orders to such people and control their work performing according to the acceptable standards of the organization. This will guarantee that work is done conforming to the organization’s goals and vision.

Another issue that prompts conflicts of my professional beliefs and values is the depersonalization in giving orders; since it means that no one person exercises authority, and hence each person may decide what he or she can do in any situation. Rules and regulations are the guidelines of any society including a business firm, and hence following rules ought to guarantee desired outcomes. The purpose of giving orders and supervising over the same is to make sure that people to whom they are directed take responsibility by observing the regulations and goals of the organization.

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Although it is an admirable concept, solely relying on face-to-face giving of orders may be ineffectual. This is because not all time the manager is available to give direct orders to the subordinates. Orders should be made effective given either from long distances or face-to-face mode. This leads to realizing the aims of the organization involved.

The issue of delegating duties in connection to giving orders was missing in the article. It is essential for managers, and other high ranking workers to specify the persons who are in charge when they are away and inform the subordinates on the means by which orders are given and taken in the organization. This makes the employees work in cooperation and take responsibilities when given orders by the delegated persons.

Integration and giving the subordinates a chance of suggesting what should be done, regarding circumstance in which the orders are issued, are significant and applicable in an organizational context. This helps the management to gain knowledge of significant information and practices that can help in the peaceful coexistence of workers, in the organization. This can also be helpful in order giving, receiving, and taking responsibility. This issue needs to be integrated in the organization’s context.

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