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Perhaps in the field of art and its functions no one has ever provided for a distinctive and qualified determination on the foundations and basics of art and its meaning than the reckoned South Carolina author Dorothy Allison. Indeed, art is a symbol and record of history, the definition of a more proactive and essence of all things that shines and glitters, and other matters. It’s not easy to for an art to depict the essentials of evil or any other bad or wrong matter thereof.  All over the globe, occasions of history have been kept and written by the works of art that ranges from painting, musicals, even inscriptions which form the realities that form the history of this world.

Dorothy Allison in her career she never wrote such a mesmerizing piece. Even with much discussion around about the definitions and foundations of art especially painting, Allison presented the essay in such a philosophical way and personal way that art industry got startled with what a simple painting can present to a person’s mind. They say painting is like poetry, there is much that is hidden and to be discovered within the thin lines and marks of the brush, the idealism and analogy that descends from the shinning fragrance of a picture, (Allison, 2012). Indeed if we follow the words of Pablo Picasso “The world toady does not make any sense, so why should I paint pictures that do”, thereby then life will lack purpose or meaning as no thing in the world will be beautiful. As the discerning of beauty, Allison typically sensed the essence of paintings as the art that asks more questions than answers.

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Allison was brought up in South Carolina in a poor environment, even if her parents had job, she never felt comfortable in such an environment. Maybe that is what made her stronger today. In her essay “This is our World” she defines the essence and perceptions about the world. She says that she has discovered that the world is meaner than we possibly think, that in our lifetime we are defined with what we see and hear and watch hence the truth lies in what ones believes. Therefore in this world where girls are reaped, there is brutal fathers and mothers, even untrustworthy lovers shows how the world its. Indeed with people who murder and rape, people kill and destroy and never others there is more wrong, (Dorothy, 2012). Maybe that is why he defines the painting of Jesus and many others as those which ask questions than answers or it gives much when see it.

In this the essay, she explains how she went to church for her mother and encountered a Jesus picture which she described in a particular way.  The picture of Jesus was so radiant and compelling that she tells her mother that she likes it. Perhaps to evaluate the testaments and definition of are and the relationship to events that happen in the world a clear comparison will be made with the popular painting of Guernica. 

The Guernica

Indeed on the most exciting and interesting work of Pablo Picasso is the Guernica. The Guernica has for long hard high interest and popularity in the globe. With regards to its elements and context, it surely based on the concept of understanding the world. In the painting, Picasso notably sent a powerful message and statement of the Germany Nazi’s casual and dark bombing of the town of Basque in Guernica. In the painting he represents the tragedies and suffering that the people of Guernica passed by, most notably the suffering of the innocents who were not aware and irrelevant of the crisis that was facing Europe then, (Hansberger, 1997). Indeed this world is mean, more than we think and know.

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This work gained a lot of popularity after being presented has there is needed to promote peace and stability by discouraging evil activities like the one that happened in Guernica. The work really helped a lot of people and governments remembe4r the tragedies and suffering that befell the people of Guernica and other acts of war, serve as an anti-war symbol and present a chance and hope for peace in the world.

Perhaps the painting of Guernica and the work of Dorothy Allison in most ways as both works interrelate in most issues. Art has power. Art is a mean of both creative and innovative expression and an avenue of releasing strong and mesmerizing emotions that define the physical presence.  Because it forms part of our everyday life it impacts our lives in most uncommon ways.

 Allison analyses photography in a way that forces the reader to revaluate and rethink on the concepts of life, to ask oneself if one is in control. She brings the ideology of the essence of painting in a world where technology has improved hence why depend on painting, an art that defines the long lost rituals. Hence she believes that art and painting have improved our way of live in a certain percentage.  She continues to write in the essay that photography or painting has got the ability to analyze and question the reality of a perceptive as they are realities that can be explained in details as she “A way of certifying experience, taking photographs is also a way of refuting it – by limiting experience to a search for the photogenic, by converting experience into an image, a souvenir” (Allison, 470). Paintings in a very specific way hold to live and give people power to look into the past and reevaluate its specifics.

The Guernica has same depictions and illustrations. There is no much elaboration and interpretations about the Guernica painting because of the interpretations contract to each other. But in every extent within the painting there is a bull and horse, symbols in the Spanish culture held such a big significance and meaning. Therefore within every culture there has been a distinctive interpretation overriding the Allison concept that sometimes pictures or paintings do not seem to hold much until one comes near it. Like the Jesus picture which she illustrates at her mother’s baptism, she feels that she should get a copy of that painting but in different form. A form that represents of a sweaty and determined Lady Jesus looking at the future. Here Allison was weary of the painting of Jesus who was sitting near a river so composed when ion the world there is much for one to be hopeful and sweaty for.

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In every comparison Allison refutes the ingenuity of painting by, “Art should provoke more questions than answers and, most of all, and should make us think about what we rarely want to think about at all”.  She writes that all art does is make people think as she was analyzing the picture at the church with her mother.  In every picture that one could look at there is a hidden meaning that makes man wonder all through so as he/she is able to uncover the truth that would be hidden.  The photographs and paintings have some kind of power that makes a person question hence in perception making a person become emotionally attached  and affected by it. Hence the view would be able to think about the image however trivial it could be. Maybe this can be explained as the artists are given a chance to influence the audience by representing his art in a way that he can control and incriminate the accounts and events, controls and basic decisions, something which makes art much skillful and glittering.

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”, in reality those words are much of an action as photographs can be able to make people form imaginary past that is practically unreal and that provides security to an individual in a circumstance where this person is insecure. As Allison says, “It is human nature to fear judgment. If we reveal too much about our own views we often feel afraid that others will not accept us; therefore many of us hide our true selves and simply live a mainstream life following trends”. But then there should be no reason for fearing the fundamentals of art as it gives us that free expression that we as a society may follow to avoid judgment.

The Guernica holds a very important message that a couple of critics have warned about not to be followed.  Because for some length, according to Picasso the bull in the painting meant the onslaught that was brought upon to the people of Guernica and the horse amidst the bull represented the bull. Hence sending an onslaught message of fierce destruction of a certain people a message that may go negatively and both positively to the people of Guernica, (Puente, 2005). It is undeniable that the painting thereby presents the view that is underlying that could be able to send mixed feelings around people of the universe. Readers are often amused and confused in understanding the concept of most pictures which require a lot of thinking an interpretation which at the end of the day present a challenge of determination.

In conclusion, deciphering the words of Dorothy Allison that art gives more questions than answers can be illustrated by defining her essay and comparing it with the Guernica, one of the most popular paintings in history. The Guernica, a painting that expresses much emotion and shouldered much advice to the world, the Guernica is a piece of paint that its interpretations has created a lot of controversy. Many have tried to interpret the paint but the definition is to present an incident that happened in the town of Guernica where there was much shed of blood. Indeed the painting brings more questions than answers in trying to understand its meaning and purpose. Secondly, the painting does not only clear the common meaning, it has much deeper meaning that always keeps people on their toes in determining it.

Dorothy Allison’s essay indeed presents an art challenge that many artists and readers should ask themselves.  A brave woman who has traversed writing and language to sound her opinion, she has brought a challenge and definition the world of art that will help in understanding and bringing art fundamentals together especially painting.

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