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The book ‘Bill Gates: The Path to the Future’ was authored by Jonathan Gatlin and published by HaperCollins. The book has a length of 224 pages with an ISBN 0380806258, 9780380806256. The book is available for sale in Amazon as an e-book with a sales rank of 271,350. The author Jonathan Gatlin wrote the book focusing on Bill Gate as he advanced with his journey in the rise of one of the world’s most profitable company, Microsoft. This book is a record of Bill Gates profile from the moment he set up Microsoft Company and his struggles as he established his company to the position it holds globally (Amazon).

The book is focuses on those people who may be eager to know more on how Bill Gate one of the brilliant and a visionary person in America’s corporate world was able to establish an industry from scratch and gain the momentum it has today. The book presents on some unique factors and the personal qualities of bill Gates that enabled him to be the right person and at the right time in order for him to emerge that successful at the end. The book presents the success story of Bill Gates where it shows how he has been able to survive on pressures mounted to him by his competitors like Apple and Netscape Company (Gatlin, 1999).

This book is highly condensed with information regarding the professional career of Bill Gate. The author did an adequate research concerning Bill Gate and was able to organize the information in an organized manner hence making it an easy to read book. As opposed to a number of novels where a person get bored at the first pages, this book is presented in a quick fast pace version whereby an individual reading it, is able to go direct to the point of the matters being addressed without having to read a lot to get a point(Gatlin, 1999). 


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