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I have chosen the movie The King’s Speech for this assignment. It gives a vivid picture of an interpersonal conflict. Moreover, such conflict is not the only one, there are few of them. Each of them is going on between different people what makes the movie exciting to watch. The brightest interpersonal conflict in the film happens between the Prince and his speech therapist. The King’s Speech also depicts some other types of conflicts, for example, among them there are inner conflict and physical conflict. The film is worth watching, and it gives a large field of thought to one who has seen it.

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The King’s Speech is a historical drama film directed by Tom Hooper. The film was released in the United Kingdom in September, 2010. Prince Albert, the younger son of King George V, stammers. He has given up hope to get rid of this defect preventing him to discharge his royal obligations. Prince’s wife finds an Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue, and takes her husband to meet him. Lionel treats Prince rather impudently than courteously. He calls him “Bertie”, though Prince allows this only to his family. Lionel bets a shilling that Prince will fluently read “To be or not to be” while listening to music on headphones. Prince tries to do it, but he thinks he stammers. Before he furiously leaves, the therapist presents him a record of his reading. Later Prince has a talk with his father. The King states that his older son will not be able to rule the country. He makes Albert read King’s Christmas speech. Prince’s attempt desires to be better. Upset with his trouble, Albert decides to listen to the record. He finds out that his speech is fluent. Prince returns to Lionel and agrees to continue exercising. He insists on Lionel not penetrating into his private life. Lionel teaches Albert various breathing techniques and ways of muscle relaxation. He still asks him private questions. Albert reveals him pressures of his childhood. They become friends. When Albert becomes the King, Lionel still stays his therapist and is present on all King’s speeches.

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Conflicts chase humans in everyday life all the time. Small and serious, they can happen between two people, within and between groups of people, and even without other people. Conflicts can result either in something harmful or in something beneficial. They usually arise in three basic ways: inner conflict, interpersonal conflict and physical conflict.

Since human is always in relationships with other people, so it is impossible to avoid interpersonal conflicts. An interpersonal conflict is a conflict that can happen between at least two people opposed to each other in their goals. Interpersonal conflict has specific conditions satisfying its occurrence. The balance of power is one of them. The disproportionate balance of power causes interpersonal conflicts, especially when a representative of the bigger amount of power is working on a personal benefit only. In such situation, beneficial consequences are impossible to both parties. Another condition is cultural influence. They play a great role in communication between people. Customs and traditions differ from country to country, so it is necessary to take notice of this to avoid cross-cultural conflicts. Interpersonal conflicts will occur if interlocutors do not make an account on the display of emotions, importance of time, degree of formality, nonverbal signs inherent in their cultures. These conditions are included for the ground of an interpersonal conflict between Prince Albert and his speech therapist Lionel Logue in the movie The King’s Speech. Interlocutors have to consider each other’s feelings and emotions and to recognize what is important to the parties in order to avoid or moderate interpersonal conflicts. The abilities to forgive and to accept compromises are also important. If collocutors are inquisitive in each other’s interests, they are able to reach success and to manage with interpersonal conflict. This is shown in the film as well.

The King’s Speech illustrates a few interpersonal conflicts. There is a personal relationship conflict in the movie. The source of the conflict is personal criticism. The conflict has content and relational dimension. It means that one is not satisfied with words, actions or attitudes of another. It also happens between people who are in relative bands with each other. The conflict is natural and indirect. It is not expressed through actions or words, but it can be felt. The conflict is harmful, because it does not help to solve the situation. Moreover, it distances close people. This type of conflict is a conflict between Prince Albert and his father when Albert cannot read the King’s speech because of stammering. The King used to say that he was afraid of his father and his own children should be afraid of their father. Though this conflict is not brightly expressed through arguments, spectator can feel the tension between the son and the father. The King cannot help Albert with his problem and only worsens it.

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There also is an example of the same but direct conflict in the movie. It can be recognized through the words, actions and offences. It happens in the scene where Albert speaks with David at the party. Spectators find out from Albert’s revelation to Lionel that Albert’s brother David used to tease him when they were kids and that their father encouraged him to do it.

Moreover, coercive and legitimate powers are combined in son-and-father’s conflict influencing communication. Coercive power is based on the possibility of being or not being punished. It is also a right to enforce. Legitimate power is a lawful authority or a power based on traditions. In this situation, Prince Albert is subordinate not only due to the interlocutors’ social position but also due to the bands of family. Albert uses accommodating strategy to avoid interpersonal conflict with his father. His father’s position does not allow Albert to argue with him.

Another example of interpersonal conflict is represented as coercive power conflict again. It happens when Albert meets Lionel who treats him quite informally. It is quite not appropriate to call the Prince “Bertie” for a common human. The Prince is not satisfied with this, but Lionel continues doing it and deserves Albert’s trust. Though, another conflict happens between them. The conflict is direct and coercive. It is based on the class difference. The King does not trust the methods which Lionel uses. A big quarrel happens between them. Its source is personal criticism. Though later, their relationships become friendly due to Lionel. He uses a collaborating strategy to work with the King, and they reach success. In such way, constant interpersonal conflicts between them became beneficial to both parties.

I witnessed a lot of various interpersonal conflicts. One of them was a direct personal relationship conflict. Its source was personal criticism. The conflict had content and relational dimension. It happened between two cousins who had been living in one house during all their lives. They criticized each other’s personal life. There were personal offences and fighting in the conflict. The conflict was harmful, because it led to a long-time offence of both parties. Though conflict happened long ago, the relationships between these two cousins are still tensed, and none of them is willing to forget the conflict.

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