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The Supremacists authored by Schlafly exposes the menace towards democracy in America by the Supreme Judges. These judges seem to be very powerful thus ignoring other political,social, and economic policies enshrined in the constitution. Ironically, this mutilation of the constitution that lasted for over fifty years by the supremacists was supported by prominent people in the government.

Through the book, the author tries to caution that the self-government and its loyal citizens were to be alert in order to counter the supremacist judges’ strategy of overthrowing the government. This had caused the failure in the constitution’s mandate of monitoring the three branches of the government efficiently for a very long time. The reality of the matter was an outrageous judicial system where Judges had a lot of authority and power. They could decide on school management,elections,prisons, and tax collection. In simple terms, this translated into changing the rule of law for rule of judges by the American people.

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Civil Liberties and Repression

According to The Supremacists, Schlafly really fought for civil liberty for female gender. This drove feminist crazy as she would always out-organize them, and yet she was a public figure with a very busy schedule. She was outspoken about the idea of a woman remaining subservient to the man and championed for equality to avoid unconstitutional repression. Logically, this worked; it was for the benefit of women who were oppressed by their men and could not air out their grievancesas the men dominated most fields, particularly the justice departments.

Due to her ideas, arguments were crafted focusing on family values and the necessarily different roles of men verses women. This was ensured by forming coalitions that opposed the era, which included Mormons, Jews, Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics. This approach really shocked men, particularly those who controlled things during that era as it completely challenged the outspoken feminists exuding the counterculture.

All this campaign was done with the intention of eliminating discrimination against women and realizing equity for women without necessarily sacrificing the traditional women's rights. This was based on the liberal policies that compelled the government to take over family functions and reduce family rights.

Culture War

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The ideas of The Supremacists where spanning the breadth of the anti-democratic hard right was the beginning of culture war. This was cultivated by cultural conservatism, which argued that cultural problems provided anti-liberalism with unifying concept rather than fiscal conservatism. These anti-communist principles continued to thrive for some time, but eventually collapsed, and the US political right had to shift its focus to domestic issues of national identity and culture. Traditional values, political correctness, and multiculturalism became the center of this new fight over culture.

At the heart of this culture war, there emerged a paranoid, conspiratorial observation of leftist material humanism, reliance on powerful stated presumptions of racial nationalism, subversive liberal treachery, and Christian theocracy. In her works, Schlafly tries to enlighten the public by popularizing the idea of the secular humanist conspiracy trying to steer the US from a God transforming the society to a socialist or atheist society. Due to the ruthlessness of the supremacists, the idea was conceptualized as “red menace”. This eventually became institutionalized in the political scene of the U.S. and took a metaphysical direction. The root anti-subversive impulse continued, was strengthened with time, and commonly appreciated in rural and small-towns of America (Schlafly 23-24).

This conspiratorial world-view continued to animate the rightful people as they were very much opposed to the supremacist ideas. According to the myth, liberal treachery was applied in service of Godless humanism where even schoolchildren were incorporated under the National Education Association to prepare the country for “New world order”. As a result, it was a source for an underlying theme of the armed militia movement that was against the rule of law.

Global Governance

The supremacists who strongly believed in globalization of the world planned to use the volatility of the session which is known as a lame-duck in achieving their internationalist goals. For instance, they would lock the people of America into treaties that sliced out various parts of the national sovereignty. Their push towards this concept seemed obsolete as a few individuals keen on the sovereignty of the country opposed strongly. These supremacists could make a surprise treaty push for modification of the UNATT. However, this was noticed and put under surveillance by the gun control advocates who would never support it at the senate level even after the debate (Schlafly 30-32).

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Ratification of an anti-sovereignty treaty, which was to subject the citizens to unwelcome global regulations, was another plan by the supremacists for global governance. The mischievous and unpopular document was signed into law by the UN Ambassador Susan Rice for the U.S. According to the author, after ratification, the treaties become part and parcel of the American supreme law on the same level as the federal statutes hence giving the supremacist judges the authority to invent their own interpretations.

Racial Supremacy

The supremacists, through their widespread theory of secular subversion, spread and became a deeply racialized issue that fully supported the supremacy of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Traditional values synthesized and formed the "Americanism", but with later harboring dangerous ambitions for the Americans. In essence, this was to divide the citizens along their race basing on the color and other factors. This was unjust to the loyal citizens who had co-existed for a very long time irrespective of their racial differences (Schlafly 45-46).

The supremacy was the main agenda by the supremacists who purported that there was a supreme race, and they could go far and try to justify it with unconstitutional clauses in the constitution. They opposed strongly any movement trying to advance racial justice in the US as they would brand it a manifestation of the secular humanist conspiracy.

Democracy and Modernity

Many Supremacists Judges misunderstood the political power of the various social groupings that were opposed to the democrats and hence selective when giving justice to all groups. This was contrary to the constitution; instead, they would go as far as cheering the theocratic right to interfere with the republican activities. Instead of being neutral, they take side which is against the constitution of the nation and humiliates the basic radical right of the American citizens.

This called for the real struggle between those who fully supported democratic constitution and the supremacist whose argument was that these policies contributed to economic hardships and created unnecessary constituencies due to the supremacist selfishness. They used these new establishments as excuses at the expense of building a progressive economic analysis.

As per the constitution, these individuals affected by the supremacists’ selfish acts had the rights to seek justice in a court of law by speaking out their minds through any political process without any interference from the government. However, the supremacist democrat judges will stop at nothing in ensuring that the antidemocrats seeking justice failed. This is very wrong even if anyone does not concur with the same ideologies, because one’s right should not be based on prejudice, myth, outright falsehood, irrational belief or inaccurate information.


Taken for granted by the Supremacists Judges, the author enlightens the citizens that the only way to stop these dubious ways involves fighting and opposing any inch of unconstitutional act. Politics should not be allowed to dictate everything, but uniting and pulling together unlike the supremacists will ensure the country moves towards democracy, social justice, freedom, and equality.

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