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Sexton, T.L.(2012). The challenges, focus, and future potential of systemic thinking in couple and family psychology. American Psychological Association, Vol. 1, No. 1, 61–65.

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In this article, Sexton outlines that the uniqueness of consumer and family psychology is drawn from the manner in which they utilize systematic principle to organize data into cognitive structures. He further highlights that CFP entrenches beyond the psychological make-up of a person, professional competency, and the mode of intervention but establishes the interaction between these aspects for comprehensive counseling. He explains that such a view provides a wider perspective of a situation. Some of the challenges of systematic thinking that are highlighted in the articles include the lack of clear direction on what should be done in a specific situation. Another conspicuous challenge is that the method is not based on discrete tools of complexity and ambiguity that arise in the tasks undertaken. He concludes by saying that application of systematic thinking in CFP is marred with many complexities and challenges. Nevertheless, the article assures the reader that CFP has undergone immense evolution and it cannot be discarded.

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Stanton, M. &Welsh, R. (2012). Systemic thinking in couple and family psychology research and practice.  American Psychological Association, Vol. 1, No. 1, 14–30.

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Stanton and Welsh begin by highlighting the fact that system theory provides the principles that are vital in the understanding of human behavior. However, they add that operationalization of such set of principles is very essential. The article commences with an wholesome definition of systematic thinking which incorporates aspects such as challenging mental models, looking at the system, comprehending the complexity in the system, recognizing reciprocity, conceptualizing change, and accepting ambiguity among others. The key aspects of systematic thinking that are addressed in the article include the definition of systematic thinking.

In research, the authors outline that systematic thinking can a great deal in studying dynamical systems such as human behavior.  In practice, systematic thinking acts as a unifying factors to various CFP models. For instance, systematic thinking aids in establishing therapeutic relationship with clients. The authors conclude that the central role of systematic thinking in CFP cannot be underrated.

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