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Black is the dominating color in this film. Most of the male participants have black and white suits. These two colors enhance the frightening attitude to the viewer. This is because black can be easily associated with evil. The effect of the black coloring shows as the movie progresses to becoming violent with blood shed. However, there are other colors that are in this movie. In the non-violent scenes, bright colors change the mood of the movie.

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At the beginning of the movie, there are many close shots. These shots later on progress to medium and full shots. For instance, the battle scene is in a full shot. This gives the viewer a full picture of what is happening at the battle. Moreover, it highlights the extent of the battle to the viewer. Close up shots have also been used in the scene where the actors are in a serious mood e.g. the scenes where the actors are in confrontation. Such shots show the viewer how serious the situation is in the movie.

In this film, there are two sources of light. The main source of light is through the window. The movie is at day time on most scenes, especially the violent scenes. Most of the light is from the sun. Day light has played a significant role in most of the scenes. In the battle scenes, daylight brings the picture of normalcy. Moreover, the viewer can see the participants of the movie. However, in other scenes electric light has played a significant role. Dim lights are for the romantic scenes to add effects and emotions to the scene. Shadows have also been used in the movie where the actor or actress is doing something in secret. The shadows highlight the actions happening behind the backs of the other participants.

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