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The film was written by Randall Jahnson and Oliver stone and directed by Oliver Stone in 1991. The key characters in the movie were Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan and Kyle MacLachlan.  And its story revolves around the famous and influential story of the 1960’s Rock singer and composer Jim Morrison. Like any other movie, the door was faced with similar problems of condensing time and events as well as simultaneous invention of characters and situations that never existed. It is difficult to point out the theme of the movie since throughout the scene, Jim Morrison was depicted as an obnoxious good for nothing drunkard.

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The film was entirely based on the life and experiences of Jim Morrison. The director Stone used both realistic and superficial traits of Jim in order to capture the attention of the audience. The movie starts with a snapshot of the Morrison’s childhood memory of his family journeying along a desert highway. It follows with his assimilation into the culture of the Venice beach and the later enrollment into the film school. It however went on to tarnish Morrison’s image by depicting him as a total drunkard who barely had control of his moral behaviors on stage. Although Morrison was inflated by his urge of becoming a rock star, he was degenerated into drug addiction and alcoholism resulting to his resentment by the rest of his band members. They accused him of being late for performance and having an indecent exposure onstage.

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Although Van Kilmer had an excellent performance on his role as Jim Morrison, the main objective of Stone is yet to be determined as he sporadically defamed the personality of Morrison to the viewers. It is for this reason that many still find it hollow and with no meaning at all for Stone to have made up the movie. However, the movie was able to explore the life of Jim Morrison though in a sensitive manner. Morrison who was a poet and a drop out in the film school rose to a philosophical rock idol and a legend. He is however denoted as a peyote addict with an intolerable cultural character. The movie is also set with explosively hilarious rock scenes which tend to break the mold of the 1960s music giving it a special identity.

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In my opinion the Doors was just an act which targeted the audience without minding of the culture and moral values of the actors and the viewers. The only morally upright scene in the movie is in the beginning where Jim dropped off from the film class and his tour to the beach where he met Ray, his girlfriend. It is the only part which reflect the true image of Jim Morrison, but the rest of the scenes are exaggerated with detestable character which are at times obscene to view.

The movie however ends on a sad note as Jim dies, due to drug overdose. Having died at the age of 27 Jim had however managed to attain his career peak although for me he had a long life to live. Although there were some texts on the screen which indicated that Jim died of heart failure, in viewer’s perception this was not true. His excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs was the major cause of his death and this is not encouraging at all. 

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