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In the article, ‘A journal to unknown’, Yi discusses the role of literature arts in understanding humanity.  His main argument is that literature arts can be a powerful tool through which one can explore and gain an understanding of aspects of humanity one is unaware of.  According to Yi, literature arts can help us get in touch with aspects of humanity that we pretend to be unaware of or pretend not to exist. Yi argues that this can be possible through reading literature arts where we explore and discover our own aspects of humanity.  In the article, Yi provides two classifications of humanity; rationality and instinct. He then uses Golding’s story entitled, ‘Lord of the flies’ to explain and compare these two forms of humanity which are portrayed in two of its characters.  One of the characters; Jack, is portrayed to base his actions on instinct while the other character; Ralph, is portrayed to base his actions on rationality.  Through reading the story, the reader can familiarize himself with the two aspects of humanity and even discover their power as Yi himself has shown.

Generally, Yi’s article has tried to demonstrate how the study of literature arts can helps us gain an understanding into humanity and explore our own humanity to gain an understanding.  The author does well by providing examples of literature arts to support his argument.  By mainly using Golding’s story entitled, ‘Lord of the flies’, Yi manages to show how ‘instinct’ and ‘rationality’ as portrayed by the two characters in the story namely; Jack and Raphael. By doing this, he manages to show the reader how these two forms of humanity can be understood when reading the story. To further support his main argument  about how reading the literature arts can help us explore ourselves and discover various  aspects of humanity that are oblivious to us, Yi makes use of evidence from other sources and this adds more weight to his argument.  He most notably uses evidence from Miller’s work entitled, ‘The dark side of the soul’ to support his argument.

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While Yi has made quite a spirited attempt to argue his point, there are various mistakes that make his article wanting.  The article is full of grammatical errors.  Just to highlight a few, there are errors to do with incorrect use of past tense for instance in the phrase ‘...Zimbardo also allowed the torture happened because he thought it was a real prison’ (Yi).  Many sentences in the article are poorly constructed. An example is the sentence; ‘ that Golding sited the ending that a ship comes to the island save children when Ralph almost will be killed off’ (Yi). Other grammatical mistakes made by the author include incorrect use of words for instance the use of the word ‘fact’ rather than the word ‘reality’ in the following sentence: ‘...reading can help people escape from the fact’ (Yi). These are just a few of the many grammatical mistakes made in the article by the author.  The author needs to proofread the article and correct all the grammar mistakes made in order to ensure that the sentences make sense (Azar 25).

Apart from the grammatical mistakes, Yi’s article lacks a logical flow and this makes it difficult for the reader to pin point his main argument and follow the flow of his ideas. To begin with, the poorly constructed sentences and the grammar mistakes highlighted above makes it difficult to establish any logic in the author’s argument   This is because, the reader is barely able to comprehend what the author is trying to discuss (Rossiter 45).  The article is also poorly structured with ideas being argument in unsystematic manner. In the beginning of the article, he author does not clearly outline to the reader the main argument of his work. This fails to give his work a strong focus.  To ensure that his work has a logical flow of ideas, the Yi should highlight the purpose of the article right from the beginning. Since a big part of his article discusses the two humanity aspects namely; ‘instinct’ and ‘rationality’, he should make it clear to the reader from the very beginning about his intentions to focus on these two aspects.

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