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To Let by B. M. Croker Alice is an interesting and educative story that revolves around a young girl who chose to take an adventurous journey to India from England to go and live with his brother in the midst of the British colonial period. The young girl left the comfort of their family for an adventurous trip into India to go and live with her brother. Her adventure led her into the discovery of a mixture of different lives in the country. This is because the narrator explains that she  arrived in the country only to find a great weather conditions. The narrator  dramatically depicts the enthusiasm and love for the new environment.  There was an unbelievable crime rate coupled with outright racial discrimination. The story To let  was written in a time when India was experiencing the worst racial violence. It also depicted high level of insecurity in the villages. In this period of time there was a protagonist rivalry between the whites and blacks which also culminated to wide spread insecurity in India.

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The importance of the text

The  story is written in a simple manner so that it can be easy to understand and also be interesting to read. The narrator has a great sense of description which make a reader to not only picture the scene but  also get attracted to read more about  the story. By following this stylistic technique the writer is doing something cool. This is because it makes the the reader to be more enthusiastic with the story. The writer has also chosen to use imagery such as: “The journey  to Europe resulted into  a huge hole in the family stocking” so that the message can be got with a lot of emphasis (1).

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Why it the text is cool

The writer has chosen to elaborate and give detailed information about life in India during the colonial period. In this case, the story brings out several themes. For instance, the cool weather and climatic condition in India is attractive according to the narrator. For instance, the writer describes the weather as  great and serene. Secondly, the colonialism has featured prominently since the narrator was related to the ruling class. In addition, the housing situation is also discussed. It is clear according to the narrator that the ruling class stayed in good houses despite the fact that they were difficult to get. Similarly, they enjoy a snobbish lifestyle such playing tennis, among other things.

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The societal fabric and cohesive culture were common as  people walk in the country side. However, there was a big social segregation since some people work as slaves. For instance,  the narrator talks of their  ayah which means their house help. Indians have considerably changed from the time of To Let by B. M. Croker Alice to date. Social segregation, which was highly prevalent at this time when the story was written, is declining over the years. However, there is still racial segregation which the Indian citizen still faces it is not as prevalent as it was in the past. This reduction of racial segregation is a societal growth as far as human development is concerned.

It is prudent to note that India still faced with the social problem of racial segregation, insecurity, crime and violence. The homeland security agencies should  work around the clock to ensure that Indian citizen is only safe but not also enjoying equal treatment as documented in the constitution. In this regard, the revelations presented by To Let by B. M. Croker Alice has greatly shaped the social life in India.  India  today is safer than the time when the story To Let by B. M. Croker Alice was written. However, the development made since the inception of the story does not mean it is absolutely safe. Insecurity is still a major problem the country struggle to arrest. This story is quite important not only to Indians  but also but people around the world in their quest to eradicate social segregation, violence, crime and racism.

In conclusion, To Let by B. M. Croker Alice  has brought into play a very important topic colonist life both in Europe and in India. In addition, the topic of of social stratification racial discrimination, violence and crime in the society during the colonial period. In addition, it paints an interesting picture of a virgin India which has not been exploited. This is depicted by lack of good houses in the country  but there were numerous hills and green places across the country. It is therefore the responsibility of the government and Indian society to fight these societal evils and make India safe haven on earth. It should be noted that, for peace to prevail and social stratification eliminated, the  society must embrace good values which call for everyone's effort to live in harmony with the others. The story concludes with a dilapidated condition of the house which signifies to let.

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