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Alexander, D. (2002). Principles of emergency planning and management. London: Oxford University Press

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Alexander is a well known writer of non-fiction literature that touches on military issues. Other than writing books, he also writes articles. This book is important in the planning of disaster management programs as it has systemic way of how to prepare and manage disasters by analyzing other works by researchers in order to offer practical solutions. Some of the topics include: Scope of Emergency Planning, Methodology, The Emergency Plan, The Plan in Practice, and Emergency-management Training. This book due to its concept-based approached will enable me to identify unique disaster management programs based on experience of the affected people.   

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Beavers, J. E., Dennis, S. M., & Peek, L. (2000). Dealing with natural hazards requires a new approach, Natural Hazards Review 1(2): 65-66

The authors review previous researches that attempt to resolve disaster management. Having gone through the literature they have identified shortcomings of the studies and as such propose sustainable methods of disaster management. The topic covered is Dealing with Natural Hazards Requires a New Approach. This resource is useful in may research as it lists down several methods that can be used to mitigate natural hazards. From the list I can choose the most relevant method in floodplains. Beavers (main author) is a specialist in hazards and disasters, analysis of data, and development of effective methodologies in disaster management.    

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Zerdem, A. & Kapucu, N. (2011). Managing emergencies and crises. New York, N.Y: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

Due to increasing crises in the past decade, the authors offer to evaluate the preparedness of the people in managing disasters by taking the case of Europe and the United States. The topics covered include: Disaster Response and Recovery, Community Resilience in Disaster Response, and International Actors and Perspectives among others. The fact that this book considers disaster management in the US and Europe means it is uniform with my topic.

Peek, L. & Beavers, J. E. (2002). Role of the natural hazards and disaster field in the aftermath of September 11, Natural Hazards Review 3(1): 2-3

Peek and Beavers encourages the people to come up with effective methods that they deem effective in managing disasters in both knowledge and practice. The topic is Role of the Natural Hazards and Disaster Field in the Aftermath of September 11. Peek (main author) is an author who works for institutions affiliated to the University of Colorado. He also holds the position of Co-Director at CDRA. This article encourages me to carry out my research and contribute in the identification of solutions in managing problem of associated with floodplains.

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