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Alice is a woman in her mid thirties. She has one daughter with her husband Michael, Casey. However, Alice has another daughter, Jessica from a previous relationship. They all live in San Francisco.

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Alice’s drinking problem began a long time before she met Michael seeing as she started drinking at the tender age of 9 years old. In the presence of alcohol, their relationship with Michel seems passionate and loving. Their relationship is one to be envied

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However, there is another side of their Husband-wife relationship that is not so admirable. Alice depends on Michael to take care of her while she is in one of her drunken stupors. Also, Michael is subconsciously codependent on this relationship. He devotes his strength and life to try and cure or even control Alice’s drinking habit. However, he pushes her further into her alcoholism. From an outsider’s viewpoint, Alice seems to be a single mother due to Michael’s frequent trips. However, Alice does not attribute her drinking problem to this.

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Casey and Jessica think it is perfectly normal for their mother to slur in speech and sleep a lot. Their mother-daughter is enviable seeing as Alice is the perfect fun loving mother when she is sober. However, at one point Alice smacks Jessica across the face which is typical of an alcoholic mother. They do not seem to recognize their mothers drinking problem until Alice is hospitalized and goes into a rehab program. Neither of them children feels humiliated, deserted or deprived of love due to Alice’s drinking problem. When Alice leaves for rehab, Jess tries to act like the mother and even makes Casey.

Alice’s mother was emotionally abusive while her father was an alcoholic. This led tom Alice turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Her self esteem was also significantly affected even into adulthood.


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