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A man was strangled in his own bed and Minnie is guilty because this happened while she was next to her husband in bed. As the county attorney I do not see how a man can sneak into Mr and Mrs Wright’s bedroom and strangled Mr. Wright while Minnie was sleeping without her hearing anything. Minnie was suffering from deep depression at the time of the murder because of abuse from her husband Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright had restricted Minnie from seeing other people and also abused her on several occasions. Minnie used to sing before she married Wright, but Mr. Wright had prevented her from doing what she enjoyed. The evidence that Minnie was depressed could also be seen in the way her house and kitchen were untidy. This abuse from her husband gave Minnie the motive she needed to kill her Mr Wright. Therefore, this court should sentence Minnie for the murder of Mr. Wright.

I Mrs Peter is of the opinion that Minnie cannot be convicted for her husband’s death because at the time of the murder she was not mentally fit to properly comprehend the events that transpired that evening. It is possible that someone could have sneaked in their bedroom and killed Mr. Wright while Minnie was in a deep sleep due to her depression. In addition, the prosecution does not have concrete evidence indicating that Minnie killed her husband. It is possible that owing to Minnie’s severe depression, she could have snapped, and strangled her husband without her knowledge.

The fact that there were no signs of forced entry into Mr. and Mrs Wright house is because the door was unlocked. The prosecution has also presented the broken birdcage as evidence but that does not imply anything. It does not necessarily mean that there were struggles between Minnie and her Husband. The prosecution argues that the fact that Minnie was subjected to abuse by her husband may have served as a motive for her to kill her husband. This motive is speculative and is not based on facts. Therefore, Minnie should not be sentenced for the murder of Mr Wright


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