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Marketing is a paramount function for every company, which seeks success. The means of marketing, which a particular company uses, determines how many customers it will be able to reach and, hence, how successful the company will be. Marketing is the act of ensuring that a company is active in the marketplace, which increases the company’s profit (Nicky, 2004). Companies, which introduce new products in the market, must embrace efficient methods of advertisement and marketing to reach more customers. In this era of technology, majority of companies are opting to use technology to market their products. Companies are introducing new products in the market as demand arises. These products must be coupled with marketing for them to reach the intended customers (Brown, 2001). Coca-Cola is such one company, which introduces new products into the market frequently. Coca-Cola is an American based multinational corporation, dealing with non-alcoholic beverages and syrups. The company has used many methods to promote their products. Technology is a main method, which Coca-Cola uses to enhance its performance in the market.

 It is a fact that nowadays there is increased number of people with access to mobile phones and computers, not to mention the Internet (Charlesworth, 2009). Companies are taking advantage of this to market their products through the Internet and by use of mobile phones. This includes services like SMSs and advertisements on the Internet. Marketing through technology is cheaper and has a prospect of reaching a higher number people (Brown, 2001). However, technology does not change the aspect of marketing, but it brings efficiency in marketing. Coca-Cola has faced stiff competition from competitors and from substitute products. The health issues, associated with Coca-Cola’s products, had a huge impact on the company’s market share (Paige, 2011). The health awareness campaign on healthy lifestyle has affected the company’s sales, both in the developed countries and in the developing countries. In response to this, the company decided to introduce diet coke in 1982. This was a new product in the market and, therefore, it needed marketing in order to attract customers. Coca-Cola has taken tremendous steps to ensure that its products have reached the intended customers. This is evident through the company’s efforts in sponsorships. However, the company requires its soft drinks customers who are the young generation. This is possible by use of technology.


The company has ensured that it has used information technology to market its new products. The company has a website, which it uses to advertise its products. When the company introduced pure drinking water in 2005, it required to market the product. This was due to the competition from substitute products in the market. The company’s website has enabled the company to keep in touch with its customers. Customers can view the latest products, promotions, and offers in the company. When Coca-Cola introduced the pure drinking water and embraced technology in marketing the product, there was a positive response from the target customers. The company has invested in technology in all its levels of production. It has also used social networks to advertise its products. The company has an official page with the famous facebook social network. It targets the young generation through the social networks, where majority spend most of their free time. Use of technology by the company has proved efficient in their marketing. Coca-Cola has managed to maintain a good share of the market despite the stiff competition (Melita, 2004).

The use of technology by the firm has had impacts on the customers. The customers are influenced to buy more products from the company. The use of technology by the company has helped to enhance customer relationship with the company. Through technology, the company’s customers can communicate with the managers freely. For instance, dissatisfied customers can send emails to the company to explain their dissatisfaction. The directors of the company also interact with customers on the social websites like Facebook and Twitter. This has led to customer satisfaction. Clients feel as part of the company. Through technology, the company gives its customer an opportunity to give their comments or views concerning certain products. This ensures that the buyers are in touch with the company, hence, improving customer relations. This is a vital aspect in business, as it helps maintain current customers, as the company looks for new ones. Technology has also helped reduce the cost of purchases. E-marketing has aided to reduce the cost of purchases. It is a simple modern way of purchasing products, which can be done from the comfort of the house. The company’s website provides links to Facebook and Twitter social networks (Melita, 2011). The site also contains links to products information and nutrition information of their products. This helps to create confidence of the customers. The company’s site has a link to youtube. The organization has invested in numerous videos, which are on YouTube. This link opens Coca Cola’s advertisements on YouTube. The company uses these videos to advertise and market its products. Technology has helped Coca-Cola company to communicate to a large number of people. Access to information about the company’s products has been simplified for customers. All the data about the company is available on the company’s website (Melita, 2011).

Coca-Cola has also tried to reach people through their mobile phones. The campaign used a mobile phone video advertisement on the Internet. This was meant to reach people through their personal devices, mobile phones. This campaign has also proved to be very successful. The technology of using the phone reaches more customers, and it is faster, hence, efficient.     

Coca-Cola has also used other technology companies to enhance its marketing. The company has used search engines like Google and Yahoo to advertise its new products like the pure drinking water. It is important for the organization to establish good relations with other companies like Google and Yahoo. These search engines provide links to the company’s website, which customers can follow. For instance, searching the word cola on Google provides several sites, linking the searcher to the company’s website. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that these companies are in good terms with Coca-Cola Company. It is also paramount for the company to ensure that it has good relations with the social network sites. Coca-Cola is mainly on Facebook and Myspace (Melita, 2004). The company’s fun page on Facebook has over four million followers. This shows the power that technology has in reaching a huge number of people. These sites enhance customer relations with the company. People can leave comments on the social network sites and other people can see them. This means that when comments are made on Facebook, other users on Twitter or Myspace will be able to see them. It is, therefore, the role of the Coca-Cola Company to put more efforts and increase its advertisements on the social network sites (Melita, 2004).               


As this era of technology continues to flourish, marketing for products continues to become paramount to any company’s success. Companies must embrace technology if their marketing has to be efficient. Technology makes marketing easy and cheap. This is because many people are reached. It is a fact that nowadays there is increased number of people with access to mobile phones and computers, not to mention the Internet. Companies should take advantage of this to market their products through the internet and using mobile phones. This includes services like SMSs and advertisements on the Internet. Marketing through technology is cheaper and has a prospect of reaching a higher number of people.


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