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Science and technology through the PGD (Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis) process has been able to determine the sex of an embryo. This has led to selection of the embryo’s sex through use of PGD due to the following reasons: First, it prevents the transmissions of sex-linked genetic diseases. Secondly, it helps parents to achieve a gender balance for a family with more than one child, to have a preferred birth order by sex of the children, and also providing a parent with a child of the gender she or he prefers to bring up. This has raised many ethical, political and other issues to the society.

The selection of embryos basing on their sex makes it a determinative tool that value one human being than others, which is completely irrelevant in the society. Ethically, males and females should be always being valued equally and not differently because of their gender. The sex selection has being discriminative by only targeting the female embryos. This has been so because many people in the society beliefs that raising a boy is better than girl since the boy will carry on the family name.

The process has no social justice and equality to all since these services are very expensive for the common man to afford and also are not available to the people who may need them. Ethically, many people view the process to be discriminative to the disabled person in the society since it can detect the abnormalities in an embryo which are incurable and hence many embryos and fetuses are destroyed at will. This has led to termination of many pregnancies of the embryos and fetuses with undesirable traits and genetic diseases. Other effect in the society is that the sex ratio imbalance has increased.

The book Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz is devoted to appreciate our error and change for good as these errors due rapid growth in science and technology are being proofed wrong. Schulz says that scientific conclusions are based on facts whereas ethical conclusions are decision or recommendations which are voluntary choices among the many options(Schulz, 2011). In a nutshell, we should appreciate our ethical errors and change for the best.


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