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In today’s technological era, computers have continued to become a common tool in everybody’s daily lives. People interact with computers for the better portion of their day, either at work or at home, and this has become a common factor. Computers have been utilized both for productivity and entertainment purposes. In this perspective, the computer, which is mostly used by specific people, is categorized as Personal Computer (PC). It was first introduced by IBM Corporation in 1981. Since then, many companies and standards have been created and replaced in the computer industry. For instance, in 1984, Apple Inc. first introduced its Personal Computer known as the Macintosh (Mac) (Temperton 1). Ever since, there has been a long line of debates, which computer, Mac or PC, is more essential and effective for today’s technological inclusiveness. While there isn’t a whole lot of functional difference between Mac and PC, it is notable that Mac is a more exciting computer machine to use today than the PC. In this regard, this paper explores four distinctive similarities and differences between Mac and PC.

Both Mac and PC are similar and different in the four ways. First, they basically use the same hardware. Even though Mac and PC run on the different operating systems, the hardware that usually makes them up is very much the same. It is noted that both Mac and PC are made up of the Central Packaging Units (CPUs), hard drives, and Random Access Memory (RAM) that are based on the x 86 platforms (Howell 1). This means that their internal components do not differ in functions or appearance. The modern Macs and PCs also have in-built CD/DVD drives and integrated card readers for MicroSD, SD, MMC, and SDHC cards (Howell 1). However, it is the quality of components used that makes Mac more exciting than the PC. For instance, up until 2006, Macs have been using the so-called “PowerPC” processor, which set them on higher edge from PCs, which have continuously relied on Intel chips (Crider 1). For this reason, Mac has become more adorable, as compared to PCs.

While it is a fact that the vast majority of Macs and PCs are normally manufactured in the same location in China, their difference in the quality of the internal components is what makes Macs more preferred than PCs (Crider 1). This is contributed by the fact that PCs, which are generally priced lower than Macs, tend to have lower-quality components, as compared to PCs priced above Macs, which feature better components (Crider 1). It is, therefore, important to note that in terms of component quality and pricing, PC is better placed than Mac, which makes it an essential and efficient technological machine for today.

Secondly, both Mac and PC co-exist quite similarly today, as they are both compatible with the available software programs and applications. This is evident where software programs and applications are developed for both Windows programs used by PCs and OS X programs used by Mac. For instance, the most popular browser applications, such as Firefox and Google Chrome, music players, such as iTunes, image editors like Photoshop, and Microsoft’s Office suite are compatible both with Mac and PCs (Howell 1). While this is adequately captured, what makes Macs to be more suitable than PCs is the manner, in which Mac computers are safer as compared to PCs.

Unlike Microsoft, manufacturers of PCs, the Apple Corporation, which manufactures Mac, does not license OS X for use by non-Apple computers. This makes it to be safer in usage than the PCs, and it is this difference, which brings out more effectiveness of Mac computers. OS X operating system (OS), being used by Mac computers, is generally depicted as safer, as compared to Windows OS for PC because of the associated fewer viruses and trojans that are attributed to its lower user base (Howell 1). This lower user base among Mac computers is widely contributed by the security standards developed by Apple, which are meant to guide the usage of other software. For instance, in order to run Windows operating system in addition to OS X in Mac, the user must purchase the windows separately, which is included in PCs at retail shops. This means that while Mac can run other PC’s software and applications, it is safer and more convenient for usage unlike the PC.

Mac and Pc are similar in internal components, but differ in design, which makes Mac more preferable computer machine than PCs. Macs are universally superior to PCs in design and aesthetics. This is due to the fact that Apple has developed Mac with a lot of innovations that improve the overall hardware experience by giving it a notably better “fit and finish” look (Temperton 1). Unlike PC, modern Mac has features such as the glass Macbook track pad, MagSafe power adapter, and a thin light Macbook Airline that gives it a compelling desire of choosing the computer. Therefore, these appealing features make Mac to be more desirable than PC.

Moreover, the use of Intel hardware by both Mac and PC also depicts their similarities. However, on the other hand, it puts Mac to be on the higher edge as compared to PC. Even though Apple switched to Intel hardware due to financial and strategic reasons, it has made it easier for many software companies by enabling them to produce versions of their products that are compatible to Mac OS, as well as PC’s windows. This has seen most people preferring Mac computers to PCs, especially for their capability of running Windows operating system to its OS X, an operation, which cannot be supported by PC’s Windows.


In conclusion, it is imperative to note that while Mac and PC differ, technically, they are personal computers, which functionality is the same. It is, thus, essential, to some extent, for the users to consider important distinctions before purchasing a new computer from either Apple or Microsoft companies.


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