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Chromatography is a handy technique used in separation of concoctions that has been dissolved in a given liquid element. It is, therefore, referred to as a versatile skill of separating blended elements. Indeed, it uses a simple strategy of passing the soluble mixture over a substance that retains some specific elements dissolved in the original solution at different levels to form a feature commonly called a chromatogram. This procedure of separations operates under the perspective that different elements are retained differently given the same condition and exposure, which results to different elements flowing through the material at different rates.

Therefore, to undertake the whole process of separation using this method it is necessary to take a series of steps that encompass the use of various combination techniques and chemical components. Chromatography can be categorized into two major categories based on the procedural activities involved. These are sheet chromatography that involves the paper chromatography (PC) and the thin layer chromatography (TLC) as well as the Column chromatography that may involve Gas Chromatography (Poole 2003).


In essence, chromatography is very important in two main ways: finding concentrations and chemical fingerprinting. In finding concentrations, chromatography includes a series of procedures. This may be well-illustrated in the gaseous chromatogram of gasoline and the ion chromatogram exhibited in orange juice. On the other hand, chromatography as a technique in chemical fingerprinting can be made in the identification of various species. In this regard, for instance, a harmful bee can easily be demarcated from the ordinary bee by contrast between the chromatogram of cuticle extorts. Furthermore, this procedure is also quite significant in tracing sources of contrabands and the successful detection of drugs in urine. This forms the basis upon which chromatography is used in the industry (Ettre & Hinshaw 2008).


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