Free «Twenty-first Century E-Pedagogy And Mobile Micro-Blended Learning» Essay Sample

E-pedagogy is an art or science of education. The advancement in technology plays a great role in the delivery of the information. The 21st century pedagogy will be technology extensive where participants make use of technology to enhance education delivery. The traditional form of education makes a learner a passive recipient of information. The learner receives information from a teacher and reproduces the same during examination.

The paradigm shift towards e-pedagogy makes the learner an active participant in the system of education. The role of the teacher is made more effective as the only requirement is to guide the students on how to acquire information. The students become productive away from being reproductive. There is an array of information that is available within the public domain. The student is required to undertake research and establish the relevant information required. The existence of the internet services makes the sharing of information possible.

The paradigm shift towards technology extensive pedagogy is gradual. The adoption of technology in pedagogy is taking place at a low pace. Institutions of higher learning and tertiary level have started making use of technology in education delivery. School levels are yet to have online education and services in most countries. However, institutions of higher learning have not fully adopted the use of technology in all their services. The establishment of virtual institutions is a clear indication of the adoption of technology in the delivery of education.

The existence of e-pedagogy is advantageous as it results in the effectiveness in delivery. Pedagogy can function in exclusion of technology, and hence, technology serves a vital role in pedagogy. The age of technology necessitates the use of technologies in education and training both in the educational and non-educational sector.


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