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“A Modest Proposal” is a satirical essay by Jonathan Swift written as a reflection on policies and strategies introduced by the Irish government for poor. In “A Modest Proposal” he skillfully satirizes contemporary society and morals. Swift underlines that people do not like those who differ from them doing everything possible to level the differences. Swift does not attack directly landlords and the state, but unveils usefulness of their actions and plans. Thesis Using objectives and facts, Swift criticizes the immoral life of this new world, foreseeing the death of civilized values.

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The purpose of the essay is to unveil corruption and immoral actions of the government and its solutions to vital national problems. Swift’s work vividly reflects his epoch portraying ineffective functions of the government and foolish decisions. He informs readers about the proposal and its obvious benefits, possible consequences and ‘importance’ for an average child. On the other hand, he gives some facts about depopulation of Ireland and questions outcomes of the proposal. Swift effectively combines argumentation and lists some facts and historical data which lead to depopulation. He states: “After all, I am not so violently bent upon my own opinion, as to reject any offer, proposed by wise men” (Swift 2005). The main advantage of the argumentation is that the author sets images of story for readers to understand the purpose of the work.

The audience of the proposal is ordinary people and political leaders of the state. He states that the government and landlords pay no attention to the needs of poor families: “that there will ever be some hearty and sincere attempt to put them into practice” (Swift 2005). Using satire and sarcasm, Swift shows low morals of landlords and false promises to change the life of poor people. His satire is based on argumentation and clear facts which unveil the false ‘value’ of the proposal. The invention of the new social values initially promises to bring unprecedented happiness and prosperity to all of society.

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The persona of the essay is a first hand narrator. Using this device, Swift supposes that criticism leads to changes and suggests the impossibility of such utopian developments. In particular, the essay is constructed from a complex patchwork of events and relations imported from a variety of genres and discourses, endowing the work that acts to combat the single-mindedness of the authoritarian tendencies Swift wishes to oppose. War with the people thus has a great deal in common with the tradition of satire, which is central to discussions of the novel as a genre. Those who would seek to exploit the citizens for profit argue that proper management, along with advanced society in areas like transportation, should speed the process. Swift portrays that humans parallel the traditional techniques of social relations in their central use of religion as a means to subjugate the citizens. Social oppression is used to teach the citizens much in the way that missionaries have traditionally worked hand in hand with colonizing powers all over the world.

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Swift appeals to emotions of readers and addresses directly different social classes and politicians. Swift writes: “These mothers, instead of being able to work for their honest livelihood, are forced to employ all their time in strolling to beg sustenance for their helpless infants: who as they grow up either turn thieves for want of work” (Swift 2005). The ordinary citizens should be able to overwhelm their human rivals largely through sheer force of numbers. Once again, however, the most negative feature of society is the complete lack of political values. The human rights refers to social, economic and cultural rights; these are the rights which to be achieved must be demanded of the state. In the domestic sphere those social rights have only received, at least in most modern In addition a number of other rights have been mentioned: the right to communicate. It is clear that the third generation of human rights is not yet a more or less precise category of human rights.

The analogy of the essay can be found in a comparison between eating and food and oppression of the whole nation. Swift tells that social questions need to have answers. Yes, poverty is a type of injustice; it is the main world’s problem of today. Of course, nobody knows, when over world will live without material problems, when everybody will be satiated, dressed, and will earn that sums of money, which will give him everything he wants. It all resembles Utopia. However, previously meant wishes can not come true, but we can do something for people who require food, clothes, money for worthy living. This must be the primary aim of the world’s community. The main origin is that rich people do not want to share with the poor ones or to say it more intelligent,

In terms of the Authoritative testimony, “the Modest Proposal” gives freedom to human rights approach. The solutions are working, and my personal point of view is that these methods are to be implemented in all the poor countries, which need help. Poor people are dieing every day, but the help of developed countries is far more operating than doing nothing and only saying that people die. Poverty is injustice, but this injustice can partially be solved, especially on this step, maybe in future it will become more widespread and some developed country will invest money into the infrastructure of the poor country.

In sum, Swift unveils social and political problems of the nation sarcastically and ironically speaking about oppressors and oppressed. And this help is really necessary for poor people, they haven’t got anyone who can help them, and relying on themselves is not possible in the country where there is no origin of income and health care. People just need social justice, which can be reached by intervention of other people who know what social justice is. The picture of third-generation rights presented so far reflects the pressing issues existing in the world community today.

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