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The novel “Home to Harlem” describes life of black Americans and cultural change. The main character, Jake, returns from the World War I, but feels isolated and alienated from society and his community. The author portrays a man cannot live in isolation from other human beings and must interact effectively to organizer his life and work. The transactional nature of support processes represents another thread of continuity in social support over the life course. McKay portrays that the development, maintenance, and engagement of support resources is an active process from the first to the last year of life. This is not to say that the person can always manage support resources effectively and with ease, but rather that the behavior of the focal person matters. Indeed, the skills required in dealing with support resources very likely show developmental continuity. Alienation is not natural to human beings because throughout the individual's life, a person engages in an active appraisal of the social world, of relationships with support network members and of the supportive behavior in which they have engaged., differences in support effects, when they are observed, tend to be specific with respect to cause, mode, and outcome although no clear pattern is yet evident. Future research will benefit from valid, reliable, and focused support measures. Harlem is a place when people has to find unique identity and their place in society otherwise they will feel alienation and loneliness in a big crowded community. No doubt questions regarding gender differences will be specific rather than general and will be explored within the context of social-role and sex-role factors thought to underlie gender effects in Harlem. Alienation Using diverse character of Harlem dwellers, McKay proves that among people, social support showed a direct effect on distress, regardless of stress level (that is, the number of life events experienced).

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