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A hero will always remain a hero. Features like being strong, loyal, brave, eloquence, and shrewdness are some of common trait in heroes. In most cases heroes possess superior virtues than the ordinary man. Homeric hero doesn’t humble to the people who belongs to his own race, however one thing he is aware of and acknowledges is the basis of his achievement. He clearly realizes that his achievements are from God and therefore is responsible of serving the people.

In this paper we will look at Bilbo Baggins who is described as unexpected hero. He is referred to as unexpected because he doesn’t have all characteristics of the epic hero.

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According to Diogo Goncalves, Bilbo Baggins was sometime considered to be anti-hero, so there were many difference of his nature compared to the classic hero. Bilbo undergoes through various changes, and as his story continues he almost resembles epic hero than how he appears at the beginning.

At the age of mid fifties Bilbo Baggins is chosen by Gandalf and thirteen dwarves under King Thorin Oakkenshieldto be a burglar. When serving on this position out of adventure goes through the wilderness to the haven of Rivendell, via the foggy mountains and the black forest of Mirkwood, all the way to lake-town at the centre of long lake, and finally back to the mountain. It is on this mountain the battle of the five armies occurs killing the dragon and consequently reclaims mountain.

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As Bilbo continues with his journey he meets other unbelievable creatures like; trolls, big spiders, goblins, eagles, elves, and many other mysterious, murderous creatures like Gollum. Beneath near Gollum’s lair, Bilbo encounters a magic ring of invisibility, through which he escapes from Gollum. As he continues Bilbo gets used to the situation and he grows wiser, developing more confidence. It is with this courage Bilbo rescues dwarves from a big spider with a magic ring which he was using and a short Elven-sword he obtained.

He used the ring to escape while in hostile areas, and used his wits to smuggle the dwarves from the elves’ prisons. Bilbo managed to hold his own communication with the wily Smaug. When anxiety over ownership of recovered treasure increased, Bilbo unsuccessfully attempted to bring the opposition to cooperation, with a stolen heirloom jewel as a source of influence. Due to this, the relationship of Bilbo and Thorin is affected, however they comes back into terms at Thorin’s death. Many people were impressed by Bilbo, and came to realize that behind it easily-flustered hobbit, he had more capability. All through Bilbo acknowledges that experience and wisdom was behind his respectable trading.

Bilbo adopted Frodo, who was an orphaned son of his first cousin, so that he can inherit from them. Bilbo still had kept his magic ring ignorant of its significance. He used the ring often to cover from his obnoxious cousin, when they came to visit. It was Gandalf’s investigations which disclosed the power of that ring, terming it as ring of power, master ring, or one ring, which was copied by the Dark Lord Sauron to alter and control the owner of the other rings.

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The mother of Bilbo assisted him in according to the starts of each side family, while his father was not. From the beginning it is clear that every character can either be good or bad, and the experienced fluctuations are contributed by some external interference. Gandalf put Bilbo in quest because he didn’t wanted to be in, this instance can be considered to be fluctuation from assistant to opponent. This is clearly depicted when Gandalf abandons the group, allowing them in a position of almost no knowledge of what is expected.

These fluctuations, should not at bring the element of doubt concerning the categorization as “assistant” and “opponent” so long as their ordinary intentions are rather clear and showing of which side they are. When a character fluctuates from one side to another indicates openly their core intention.

Bilbo story and the way he is close not only to the classic epic, but also to the tale and subsequently to the oral tradition. These are narrative strategies, which can be confirmed by mutually linguistic and aesthetical strategies. From linguistic approach, words are written in accordance to the way the characters speak; this is done to emphasize the language and also to show the character of whoever is speaking. This in our case is demonstrated in Trolls’ accent, highlighting their arrogance and foolishness, or the Gollum’s sibilants, pushing his depressing habit. It is also evident that most of the places are named after its physical characteristics, or finding the people who live in the place.

In conclusion we can generally argue that Bilbo was a hero although, he didn’t possess the common characters associated with heroes. However throughout his life Bilbo demonstrated that he was worthy to be a hero and many people came to understand there was more which Bilbo could achieve than what they were thinking about him.

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