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Good writing does not just come from the bush; just like a plant, it is subject to gradual growth. Good writers are nurtured through experiences and important learning processes before they can come up with creative and interesting compositions. Following the footsteps of successful writers is the only way to good writing. Various successful writers have in the past stated their views about good writing. Some of the views have been discussed in this paper. The positions stated by prominent writers provide insights of the road towards successful good writing.

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Thesis statement.

Good writers are nurtured by creativity and experiences in the course of their exploration of the writing world.

In the pursuit for good writing, it is fundamental to consider the positions of various scholars particularly on what good writing means. As indicated by E.L. Doctorow, "Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.". There is no perfect writer who has never committed a mistake in writing. Learning is a fundamental process of good writing skills. Most writers begin from scratch in their writing efforts. Recognition of ones mistakes is an important step towards mastering the art of writing. People who have excelled in writing have emphasized on the need for self exploration before becoming a good writer. Writing is a way of expressing different views, opinions or ideas so that other people can have a clue of where we stand. During human growth and development, the child acquires language skills in a gradual manner. This is quite similar to the process of learning which requires learning before a writer can put something down and attract other people into reading. Exploration is part of the learning process and determines how well a writer masters the relevant skills that are key to good writing. It is actually the exploration that provides an individual with an opportunity to personally experience what is required before getting involved in writing. During experiences in  life especially for a student , memory becomes a very crucial aspect of writing . Writing that entails description of phenomenon, a good memory of the exact details that have been observed. It is such details that make the work being written to be interesting and capture the attention of most people. Most readers are normally carried away with interesting descriptions in text. This therefore means that the right choice of words is fundamental towards moving the targeted audience of the material under construction. Good writers take their time to select words, phrases and ideas which they use to make an interesting composition.

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 Creativity is a very essential ingredient of good writing. It all starts for the ability of an individual to remember what has been learned in the past experiences. Past experiences form the basis upon which new ideas and innovations are created. A good example can be that of an individual who goes through a difficult situation in life and capitalizes on that situation to come up with creative ideas of preventing future problems. In this case, an application of knowledge would have been done and it amounts to creativity. Creativity can also be applied in a usual situation whereby it is the norm for a certain procedure to be followed; when a creative mind focuses on such a situation, new procedures can be crafted to challenge the norm.

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 A composition that is made on the basis of such a background is interesting to the readers since it creates suspense and the desire to find out what would be the next course of action. It is worth mentioning that the main aim of creativity in writing is to make the work interesting and desirable in the minds of the audience. Creativity is writing is learned through exploration and individuals must pass through their mistakes before coming out successfully. Mistakes are a very important aspect when learning to be a good writer. They form the basis for future improvements and good written work. Without mistakes it is not possible to attain high standards in writing.

After going through the creative thinking lessons, I think my writing skills have improved so much. Because of creative thinking skills that I have acquired, I am now in a position to come up with logical arguments and defend them using concrete evidence and references. My writing has become interesting because of the learning experiences I have gone through. Though I have made mistakes in the past, I always hope for better quality work in future because I am determined to succeed as a good writer. I know that I have not achieved the status of the best writer in our class but there is a lot of hope the experiences I go through as I explore writing would help me to achieve professional growth in creative writing. The most important thing is to focus on what successful writers have advised for the upcoming writers. Critical and creative thinking has created a firm foundation for my future as a good writer.

In conclusion, it is important to maintain that good writers are nurtured by creativity and experiences in the course of their exploration of the writing world. If anyone wants to become a good writer, he or she must demonstrate the desire to succeed and seek advice from successful writers. Getting inspired into creativity is an essential ingredient that an upcoming writer can gain from competent professional writers who have explored the writing world and have a lot of experience.

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