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Good essays be they argumentative or oppositional have to be written in a logical order with ideas easily flowing to depict the intention of the author. Organization is a fundamental aspect of an essay and it shows how well the author has made use of creativity and essential writing skills.

Argumentative essay

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In this type of essay the author provides his or her position concerning a particular topic. After a statement of the position, this is followed by the presentation of various arguments that are supported by evidence.  A good argument in an essay has to be backed by adequate evidence and references. After providing the evidence, the author can provide the concluding remarks. A good conclusion is based on what has already been presented in the body of the paper. A conclusion should not provide new arguments to the readers.

Opposition essay.

In an opposition essay is organized in such a way that the author reacts to a specific topic from both perspectives. If the topic demands merits and demerits of a certain phenomenon, then the author has to state both sides of the divide. A clear introduction to the phenomenon has to outline at the beginning of the essay. In an opposition essay it is always good for the author to provide personal views on the topic that has been discussed in the body.

In terms of similarities, the two types of essay both have a thesis statement that has to be provided after introducing the main topics.

In both cases, adequate evidence has to be provided to support the stated facts or assertions.

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In both essays, creativity and originality are key towards impressing the target audience. The writer is supposed to demonstrate mastery of essential writing skills so as to earn a high score in the essay.

Using ideas from other authors.

It is a common practice during writing of essays to incorporate views, opinions and words of other people. This is normally in an effort to come up with strong arguments that move the readers. When this is done, it is necessary that the original authors be acknowledged in such writings. Incorporation of other people’s ideas can be done through summarizing, paraphrasing and direct quotations. Summarizing involves rewriting the ideas of an author in very few words. For instance reading a whole paragraph and putting it in only one sentence. Paraphrasing entails reading the text from the original source and putting the ideas in your own words. Direct quotation involves picking the exact words as written in the original source and transferring them in the new writing. This is done using the direct quotation marks at the beginning and at the end of the words. Whether the writer has summarized, paraphrased or used direct quotations, there has to be a clear documentation of the original sources of information. Without acknowledging the original sources of information, the work amounts to plagiarism.

Plagiarism in academic circles is a dishonest practice where a writer claims authorship to other people’s works. Plagiarism can be avoided by providing adequate citations whenever words from other authors are incorporated in new writing. A reference list at the end of the written essay is also important in indicating the original sources of information where the ideas were obtained

Essay question.

What are the essentials of good essay writing?

Good essay wring first of all entails good organizational skills. The writer has to put his components in order before starting to put ideas down. The topic is introduced, the body follows then a conclusion. A good understanding of the topic is vital to relevance in the work. Citation has to be done in the paragraphs. An essay that has been well written is impressive to most readers because the language is simple and the meaning is easy to extract.

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