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On the 12th of July year 1817, Henry David Thoreau was born at Concord, Massachusetts. He was a known philosopher, essayist, American transcendentalist, a naturalist, a poet and an abolitionist. He was born of Cynthia and John Thoreau with sisters named Helen and Sophia and a brother named John. Even though his father was just a mere pencil maker, his parents were able to provide for his education at the Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Because of his liking to travel not just in New York but other nation as well, nature has become the main theme and moving factor of all the essays that he wrote in his lifetime. He was utterly famous on essays entitled “The Maine Woods”, “An Excursion to Canada”, “Walden” and “Life in the Woods” among others.
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But even if he devoted much of his time in writing essays and published the same, he became a land surveyor in 1850, a job that enabled him to travel more and immense himself in nature and the surroundings that inspired him to write (Bode, 112). All the travel that he made related to his occupation as a land surveyor enabled him to keep a record of events written and published under the guise of a journal entitled “A Week on the Concord and Merrimack.” Needless to say, Henry David Thoreau, despite his likings to nature was a man just like any other poet. He used his writings as a means to convey his political ideals. Since nature and the surroundings were the main topics of his writings, he was famous for essays entitled “On the duty of Civil Disobedience”, “Paradise to be Regained”, “Slavery in Massachusetts”, and “A Plea for Captain John Brown”.
However, his life was short lived and rested in peace on the 6th of May 1862 due to tuberculosis. He was buried at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery located in Concord, Massachusetts (Howarth, 16). Up to this date, he is still being remembered as one of the greatest poet and public speaker ever existed in the filed of literature.

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