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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel that was written by Mark Twain and published in 2005. It reveals the life story of a boy, Huckleberry, and his life experience. This helped him to learn significant values as well as lessons about life that enabled him to grow up and face challenges in life. Huckleberry traveled from one place to another and in the process he met different characters. From this adventure, Huckleberry learns many things about life. Huckleberry grows in a free world where he does what he wants. But his actions led to consequences. The setting of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn helps him to grow up in a way that shapes his future. The consequences taught him things he needed to know, and ultimately shaped his future decisions, which is definitely what growing up means.

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Huckleberry Finn grows as a person who tries to civilize himself. He runs away from his drunkard father to a nearby island with his friend Jim. They discovered a push where they made their own home and planned to sail the Mississippi river whereby they both would become free. They traveled at night and slept inside the woods during daytime to avoid being caught. Huckleberry and Jim became good friends just like a family. However, they eventually became separated when the steamboat hit their push where they were staying. Huckleberry moved to a shore and stayed with Grangerford’s family. He was later involved in the warfare, but he left where he was staying after many families were killed. However, Huckleberry was later joined by Jim and two other friends. The four of them started swindling money from various cities through performing plays and shows. In addition, they got involved in a robbery and started stealing money from people within the city.

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From Huckleberry’s encounters on the Mississippi river, he learnt many lessons about life. First, Huckleberry learnt that life is full of misfortunes and one has to endure problems in life, but he is forced to blame life for his own actions. He is forced to look after himself after he ran away from his drunkard father. Being a young boy, he undergoes several problems faced by adults, but he was forced to deal with them like a mature person. He blames himself for his own actions. Thus, he learnt how to apologize. For instance, Huck says “but I done it” (Twain 42) when he trickled Jim about the snake on the bed. In his statement “I mean no more tricks, I wouldn’t have done” (Twain 47), is something that reveals that he is maturing.

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Huckleberry learnt that maturity is a process that one has to go through. From his encounters along the river, he learnt that one has to go through life experiences through trial and error. After Huckleberry ran away from his drunkard father and settled nearby the Mississippi river, he discovered more about life. Moreover, Huck learnt that it is significant to keep one’s word in life. For instance, when Huck discovered that Jim was hiding in the island where he was staying, he asked Jim how he had got there. Jim narrated him a bit of information that was surprising to him. However, Jim warned him not to tell anybody, but rather keep the secret. Therefore, Huck responded by uttering that “I would not, and I will stick to it” (Twain 49). Huck began to realize the importance of keeping secrets because he understood that secrets revealed out may affect others. Thus, he says “I ain’t a going to tell” (Twain 51).

Lastly, like the river, the plot flows around twists, through darkness and to the bright light.However, Huck learnt the differences between the right and wrong from his life experiences. Huckleberry’s life story is full of shock found within the various episodes of narrations in the novel. This is because Huckleberry had to struggle in order to earn a living; a process through which he started to develop a mature life outlook. However, he eventually learnt that humane treatment, as well as respect, is what everyone expected. He demonstrated a caring concern of people after he learned that life has challenges. He says “I couldn’t ever feel any hardness” (Twain 57). Additionally, he learns how humiliating another person is wrong. Thus, he says to Jim “I ain’t do it again” (Twain 59). This is after he discovered that he had humiliated Jim after he tricked him about the snake. This shows that Huck was maturing.

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