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Anita Shreve who is the author of novel ‘rescue’ began is writing career when she was a high school and after graduating she became a teacher where she taught for few years in Boston city. She switched to journalism when she discovered that teaching and writing short articles for magazine was not satisfying her personal needs. She travelled a round the world especially in Kenya where she worked as journalist for the most popular Africa Magazine. She has written many novels such as resistance, fortune’s Rock and Eden close where she has won several international awards.  She has clearly used three main characters in the novel ‘rescue’ by Anita Shreve to develop the reality of frailty of relationship, the thrash of people or individual to adopt economic hardships and resisting separation. The three characters Rowan, Sheila and peter Webster bring clear picture of the society as stated below by Anita Shreve.     


Rowan is a daughter of the two coups, Webster and Sheila. During the time of her teenage years, she has revealed to be veering off treacherously in her life, for the reason that she has begun aping the personality of her mother Sheila, who has been absent from the time she was born for more than fifteen years. She cuts a very perplexed character that is into sex and drinking on her earlier or teenage years.

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It is appropriate to her way of thinking, as one sees her struggling in her college results. Her college grades are being unenthusiastically improving, thus, giving a clear evidence of her studies being on the dwindling, since she cannot put aside the time to contemplate her college studies. Her involvement into drinking is basically a result of having the visible parent like her father Peter, and she have been strained to muddle through amongst others; having knowledge that her mother left her when she was still an infant, and was also alcoholic before she gave birth to her and after her birth. She also equated with the familiarity that she had been brought up by a single parent. Because of this, she becomes churlish introvert, impulsive, and suddenly, she develops a behavior of coming home late and drinking.

The character of Rowan is mostly ignored, and sometimes in the story line we can have a chance to see is her drinking events or actions in particular, when she is near to graduate. She, at one moment, gets drunk with some of her best friends, and at the same time, one of them truly ends up being hospitalized, which in turn becomes a relief to her.

Rowan, and to the some extent, Sheila, in many occasion have been used by the author to bring out or express the robustness of life, the frailty of associations and the struggle of the individual to carry on the economic adversity and to oppose the isolation. She brings a clear picture of challenges faced by children who are brought up by one parent, especially during the time when a single parent happens to be absent, and has a past riddled with drugs and substance abuse.

She shows the ineffectuality of trying to make an impression on children, who, in many cases, have been tormented mentally by the nonappearance of the single parents and famished of mother love, hence, being lured into or cop with the world of drugs and substance usage. Rowan in many cases is used to play a vital role in bringing out or showing a better picture of Webster and Sheila, who are the main characters. In fact, she is not completely developed by the author, and a number of parts of her personality are not plainly developed. She undoubtedly shows the way children from busted families are mostly expected to develop the adolescent problems, unlike those who are lucky living with both of their parents; this later on translates them, and in these circumstances they are ghastly behaving.

Rowan brings out the mystifying and anxious world that the children who are brought up by one parent live in. Rowan’s problem is auxiliary compounded by the reality that her beloved mother is an alcoholic. This leads her to slot in behavior, usually discernible in such children; in many cases they opt for being tremendously perspective and in danger.

Peter Webster

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Peter Webster is the character who is depicted as a draftee paramedic in Vermont, and many times he has played a role of a single parent, who, to an extent, is a loving and caring father and wants only the best for his daughter Rowan. In his career he is an EMT, an employer, who entails responding to the emergency calls, and it is in one of these situations that he is blessed to meet Sheila Arsenault, who later becomes his lovely wife. 

He is described in the story book as a pragmatic character, an empathetic person, who puts all efforts into his job, and also is somebody who works extra hard to keep away the tragedy, stress and pressure of the job detach from the hassle of his family, and particularly, his only daughter Rowan.

Shreve, in most cases, uses Peter to make a deep look into the lives of parents, who are single (parent) and all the challenges they face, mainly when there are dilemma situations with the option of choosing between a challenging career and a fragmenting family, particularly when the child (ren) under the one parent’s care begin to slot in perturbing behavior. This is revealed by how hard it is for Peter to bring up a young daughter alone. Peter demonstrates high degree of strengths and weaknesses, which is mostly anticipated by any single parents.

The real character of Peter is seen to take actions, which later, in turn, affect him so much. On the one hand, he ignores any warnings not associated with patients, and makes decisions to take Sheila away; in spite of perception that Sheila is an alcoholic, he also is a character, who is evading from an insulting relationship. He always shows his strength of mind by not accepting of being put off or out by Sheila, when he tracks her down to her residence and receives a thorny reception.

He does this because he is persuaded to change her, and bring out the sexy and gorgeous girl with sleek brown hair and potty chops from the brink. He does not take back in any way, despite knowing the dangers involved, and when the affiliation begins. Rowan was born as a result of the relationship they developed. To Webster, it seems for the duration after his marriage, he is the correct canal for shifting Sheila, but afterwards, she returns into drinking, thus, an obvious breakdown in Peter’s part of changing her.

Peter also takes quick action of sending Sheila away, regardless of knowing how hard it would be to bring up Rowan alone. For many times or years he tries to do it, but it is to Sheila that he goes to, when he finds out about Rowan’s drinking. He acts in the domineering approach in this occurrence, whereby, he seems to forget that Rowan belongs to both parents. His level of overprotection should be related to how much he cares about Sheila, making efficient decisions comportment, in mind that at one time she takes to driving around, whilst carrying Rowan with her, unaware of the dangers involved.

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Peter comes out the feebleness of relationships and the thrash about of one individual to bring out the preferred character out of the other individual. He brings out the sorrow and happiness collectively with the ups and downs of the single parenthood. Throughout the character, Webster Shreve brings out the suggestion that parenting requires both parents to be available. Peter embodies the struggles that are faced by single parents, and thus, is applicable to the readers in the manner that the readers are able to recognize with the fact that single parenthood is a very challenging concern, as depicted by Peter, because a single parent is responsible for each and every facet of the Rowan’s life. He sometimes fails to tie with his daughter about some certain matters or issues, and as a result, he is enforced to deal with her prickly nature, and generally, faces a hard moment sufficiently helping her to solve the drinking problem, but she ultimately gets enthusiastic to it, thus forcing him to seek help from Sheila, as she may be in a position to understand her better.

One can really argue that, regardless of sending Sheila away after some drinking events, in order to ensure or increase the safety of their daughter, the act was unwanted or uncalled for, since, before he engaged with an affair and ultimate marriage with Sheila, he had knowledge of the dangers that would be involved.

Peter shows how difficult it can be for any single or working parent, mainly taking into contemplation that he is in a challenging career, where every day he faces the emergencies which at times take a toll on him. This, finally, may lead to the strain which may eat him, thus, having a toll on how efficient he becomes as a parent and an EMT worker. Above these, he is principally faced with the fact that he has to choose which care Rowan should have, this echoes what many single parents face or undergo, they have to make a safe atmosphere for the social interface and leaving opportunities or successes for their children.

Sheila Arsenault

Sheila Arsenault She is the one of main characters, and she is mostly described as being brave, tough talking and one with troubled eyes, full of  brutal desire, and brilliant with a ‘never look back’ fortitude. She has a liaison with Webster, which sooner or later leads to the birth of Roman. She is an attractive lady, and that initially pulls Webster to her, making him overlook the conservative thinking, and thus, making him try an impossible task of trying whether he can change her.

Since her sex is limited and random, this makes her an fascinating character in the logic that sex and drinking sprees at all times are bound to result into a state, where it is the woman who faces many dangers in the facts that she may not be able to make the right decision whatsoever. She introduces us to the side of sex and drunken life style, something that is copied up by Rowan in college.

Her history is unclear and bare, and she it is not completely developed by the author, which makes us not to have a complete and clear picture of her. The diminutive history accorded enables us to identify that she has the only one living sister. She always had a hard babyhood, where she was forced to learn how to play pool, thus making her jostle, she makes men angry in most cases by winning against them in different games they play, and above all, she has an awful and obnoxious relationship from which she afterward runs away, eventually leading to the near fatal accident. Sheila has been immature of that a hefty duration of her life is, only summarized in one or two paragraphs, thus, giving us a scanty or unclear view. She is seen as a character with difficulties and struggles in her past, though none of them was communal. We are given no reasons at all, as to what attracted her to Webster, or on the other hand, what made her return into drinking, though one can strongly argue that isolation of the new motherhood and taking up of a new lifestyle as a newly wedded wife that makes her return to drinking. One gets to understand during her drinking sprees that she takes newborn Rowan out for a coerce place and forgets to strap her in.

Sheila’s character is shown, when Webster decides to send her away, so that to save her daughter Roman, she does not engage into the fight, and there is no clear picture or explanation of why she finally turns round again with her best friends from Mexico. It is clear that her affectionate instincts are negative or zero, given that under the normal situation she had slightest put up a fight to attempt and stay, or rebuff to come back afterwards, when Webster goes for her.

Generally, anxiety and a decidedly rock-strewn past and hints of alcoholism enclose Sheila, as her relationship with Webster barrels into marriage, and an unforeseen pregnancy and later severance which soon after come to an end, when Webster goes for her.

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