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The Story Is Titled "The Story of an Hour" because the entire action takes place within a very short period of time. The title refers to the duration of the story. The story carries on with a quick pace. We see that the story starts with a woman getting the news of the demise of her husband and she gets disheartened and locks herself up. She later gets back to normal life realizing that she is a free soul now. Then we see that her husband returns back and is not actually dead as earlier rumored. She eventually dies out of joy. The events happen so rapidly that one actually feels that the story justifies the title it has been given.

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The Plot of the Story

Mrs. Mallad is a married woman who has heart trouble. One day she receives the news of the death of her husband in a rail accident. Her sister and her husband’s friend both come to her to give her the news. They make sure that the news gets delivered carefully so as not to give any stress to her heart problem. She gets broken, dis-hearted and locks herself in her room. She cries and weeps until the moment when she finally accepts the truth. She also realizes that she is now a free person and that her husband is no longer there to have an influence on her. She comes out of her room with a new life. She and her sister are descending the stairs, and the husband’s friend is downstairs. No longer had she properly arrived downstairs, the main door gets unlocked, and her husband, Mr. Mallad comes inside. He has not been a part of the accident that was assumed, and he was alive. The friend knew that he had to hide him from the wife so as not to cause her to get a shock, but he is late. She sees her husband. Unable to absorb the shock, she suffers a heart stroke and dies instantly.

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What Killed The Woman?

The woman gets killed as a result of a heart failure caused by over-excitement. What had happened was that after she sees that her husband has returned home and is not dead as presumably assumed, she gets shocked. The woman had previously had heart trouble, and the joy of seeing her husband alive once again caused her heart to fail, and she died.

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