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How to Write a Standard Essay

The essay is a rather short written work that has an arbitrary construction, in which the author expresses the thoughts and impressions on a particular issue of some phenomenon or subject. The essay requires the expression of the author's point of view, as well as a personal subjective assessment of the subject of the issue, and gives the opportunity of non-standard (creative), original presentation of the material.

The main thing for the author of the essay is a personal understanding of the world and the attitude towards it. He or she must give vivid examples, selects analogies, use metaphors, comparisons, images, and symbols in the text. The essay is a free reflection on any topic. We can say that this is a stream of consciousness, a flow of thoughts, arranged according to writing rules. In fact, there are no mandatory requirements or restrictions. However, there are some important recommendations concerning the structure and the content for novice writers.

Structure of a Short Essay

It is necessary to determine the relevance of the issue to be disclosed in the introduction. That is, you need to answer the question "Why is this topic important at the moment?" The body of the text involves the development of argumentation and analysis, as well as the justification of hypothesis, based on available data, contrary arguments, and positions on the issue. The analysis should be conducted on the basis of cause and effect categories.



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The last paragraph of the essay should contain generalizations and reasoned conclusions on the topic. In the conclusions, it is necessary to express your opinion about the subject of the essay based on the arguments presented in the main part of the text. Such a structure is typical not only of short works. You can use it for a longer essay too. However, remember that it should contain more arguments.

Essay Writing Algorithm

The main steps of writing your text may look like this:

  1. problem statement;
  2. thinking about the problem ;
  3. essay planning (definition of structure);
  4. essay writing;
  5. checking and editing.
When writing a paper, the writer must do the following things:
  • express the opinion;
  • show his or her attitude to the problem;
  • present controversial arguments;
  • use clear and literate language;
  • follow a proper structure.

Style of Your Paper

When writing an essay, try to adhere to a certain style. If you write about something scientific, use the academic vocabulary and the scientific article style. If you consider friendship, love, and other high human qualities, follow elevated prose style. If you describe a funny case, you should prefer the colloquial style. It is possible to admit discrepancy between style and situation intentionally. For example, write about a funny story in the form of a scientific article or a famous politician's speech. This technique will cause a comic effect.

Rereading and Editing

Rereading and correction are important steps in working on the text. Your grades greatly depend on them. Reread your essay several times. Pay special attention to the lexical and syntax errors. Make sure you correct all inaccuracies. Analyze the correctness and relevance of your arguments. Ensure that you have followed the correct structure of the text. Ask your friends or parents to read your work and express their honest critical remarks.


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