Into The Wild Essay

The history of the creation of the book “Into the Wild” is very interesting. Its writing began with an article in the magazine “Outside,” which described Christopher McCandless' journey to Alaska, but the author could not stop writing, and he sought out the details of the journey for over a year. The family of Chris and the people with whom he happened to meet along the way helped in the creation of this work. A young man, Christopher McCandless, was traveling around the country just enjoying life and eventually got to Alaska. The book was written on the basis of this amazing story.

The Image of Christopher McCandless

There was everything in the life of Christopher. He successfully graduated from high school, preparing for admission to Harvard. His parents were very wealthy people. However, something happened in Christopher's head. He collected all his documents and cut them, withdrew money for payment of the college tuition from the account and gave it to the poor, and went nowhere. What made him act like that? Maybe, it happened because his parents wanted to buy him a new car instead of a very old, but very beloved one. Christopher always highlighted that he did not dwell on material wealth. Maybe, it was the fact that having earned the first million, his parents began to increasingly focus on money and forgot about everything, even humanity. He even burned the money he took for food. The guy decided to eat roots and berries. However, there were not many berries in the mountains, so Christopher began to earn extra money here and there soon. When traveling, one may meet all kinds of people on the way. It is noteworthy that people are mostly positive on the road. Having traveled all over America, the main character met quite a few good strangers.


Christopher matured ahead of time. In the end, he decided to find himself through denial of all worldly things for several months in the snowy wilderness of Alaska. Nevertheless, he remained a child who did not remember about banal pragmatism (for example, he took a gun and books with him, but forgot to take an ax and salt).

Many people may say that this is a story about a spoiled guy who suddenly thought of finding adventure. However, in fact, this book is about a man who decided to challenge himself, his capabilities of mind and body, and was not afraid of the difficulties that arose in his path. In general, the book “Into the Wild” is not about travelers and, perhaps, not even about wildlife, but about worldly vanity, which we all know so well and which we constantly forget about. This book is about the struggle between freedom and well-being. This work is about how difficult it is to find a balance between them and to make a step towards our real essence.


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