How to Write an Opinion Essay

If you want to write a successful opinion essay, you should remember some basic facts.

  • Use the essay structure that consists of 5 main paragraphs. Such kind of structure is used very often and has proved to be really successful.
  • In order to make your point of view credible, remember to properly evaluate all the opinions to understand whether they are strong enough and should be used in the essay.

There are three main stages that you should follow if you want to create a good opinion essay. They are pre-writing, writing, proofreading.


First of all, you should gather a proper amount of information in order to write the arguments to support your opinion. The facts and information should correspond with the point of view you want to support. You may get new and fresh ideas if you carefully read and answer the following questions:

  • What question should I answer in this essay?
  • What kind of things does my audience want to learn?
  • What points should be mentioned?
  • Are there any contradictory arguments?
  • How can I make my arguments better?

Secondly, you should carefully examine the list of ideas. Pay attention to this step in order to create a right composition. There are facts and arguments that are better to be used in the beginning of the essay, while others – in its main part and ending.



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The composition of your essay should be basic and consist of introduction, main body, and conclusion.


Here you should clearly state the subject. It always has a thesis statement – a sentence summarizing the main point of your text.

In order to begin, use the following techniques:

  • address your reader in a direct manner;
  • include a quote from a book/play;
  • use rhetorical questions.

Main Body

Here, in several paragraphs, you should use arguments to support your thesis statement. Each of them should start with a different statement – main idea – and present a different point of view. Support them with facts. You may not start a new paragraph just because the one you are writing becomes too long. Start a new paragraph only if you have a new argument.

Pay Attention to the Following:

  • Tense – typically, present tenses are used.
  • Linking words – use such words to give reasons (a lot of people believe / due to / since), express opinions (from my point of view/ I am convinced that / to my mind /), add new ideas (first of all/ what’s more / secondly / finally), etc.
  • Formal vocabulary – phrasal verbs, colloquialisms and idioms should not be used.
  • Formal punctuation – exclamation marks, parentheses and contractions are inappropriate.
  • Cite sources.


Here, you shouldn’t write any new ideas. Make a conclusion using different words to restate your views. You can make your text more interesting by putting a warning or a provocative question in the end. Don’t apologize for your point of view!


At the last stage, don’t forget to proofread your essay and make proper corrections.


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