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Tips on Writing Argumentative Essay

People tend to argue on a daily basis. There are different topics for discussion starting from weather and ending up with politics. However, regular informal argument is usually based on personal beliefs and emotions and it is clear that such a discussion cannot be regarded as a serious issue.

On the other hand, when the students are assigned with a task of writing an argumentative essay, they cannot support their points with just emotions and suggestions. This task requires much more. In order to provide a high quality paper, the writer has to support his ideas with reliable facts and organize them in a proper manner.

The task of our article is to provide the readers with additional useful information regarding argumentative essay writing. So, here are some tips:

Activities before Writing

In order to complete your essay successfully, we recommend following three simple steps.

Take the Topic Choosing Stage Very Seriously

First of all, the topic must be controversial. Otherwise, what will you argue about? Second, the topic must be interesting and close to you, so that you could make a better stand.



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Conduct a Research

As we have already mentioned, it is not enough to know what you are going to argue about. It is important to provide facts that will justify and support your positions. For this reason, it is extremely important to conduct thorough research before you start writing your essay. The important thing about collecting data is that you have to look not only for the information that will support your viewpoint, but also investigate the opposing side of the issue. It will help you create strong and convincing rebuttals and prove that you are right. In order to cover all the aspects of the question under discussion, it is recommended to ask yourself ‘Why? When? Who? How?’ questions. For example, what is the reason of an argument? What do scholars think about it? How convincing are their arguments? Why do they think so?

Clearly Organize Your Paper

Do not mix your ideas and points. Make sure each of them is described in a separate paragraph and is supported by proper facts.

Writing Process

Start your writing with an outline! This stage is very often skipped. However, it is a very essential stage of writing. It will serve as a guide, which will lead you through the whole writing process.

Make sure you organize your paper logically. Do not forget about the general structure of any essay, which includes Introduction, Main body and Conclusion. Create a strong thesis and make sure the whole paper revolves around it. State your opinion in it and provide supporting arguments in the main body of the paper (one point per paragraph). The usage of reliable sources is very important for this essay type. Do not use outdated or not reliable sources.

After you have finished all the steps, do not forget to proofread your essay. It will help you avoid mistakes and submit a high quality paper.


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