In academic life, report writing is amongst the most common type of assignment. Essays are popular as they require the writer to comprehensively articulate their thoughts on a specific subject and to support their thinking with credible arguments and proof. An essay assignment is an exemplary way for a student to showcase his or her subject knowledge by employing a number of different abilities, such as written, analytical and creative talents. Difficult by nature, an essay assignment can challenge the student but there are numerous resources available to help with essay assignments. In helping the student with an individual essay assignment, some sources prove invaluable in improving the student's entire report-writing skills.

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Often, the student's initial assistance with the essay assignment comes from guidance provided by their tutor. The tutor may give the student explanatory notes outlining the subject areas they want to see incorporated in the work. It is commonplace for the student to receive a sample or model essay that the tutor considers an appropriate example for the students to fashion their work on. The student can glean a good deal of help by studying these sample texts as an aid towards producing their own essay assignment.

A university's writing center is considered a valuable source of help for assignment essays. Such centers are often manned by qualified writing authorities who offer help with all elements of written work. Such writing experts offer invaluable help to the student in areas such as writing techniques, document layout and format, research channels and, in some cases, they may be willing to take part in brainstorming sessions. Frequently, their tuition is not limited to a specific assignment but is applicable to a broad spectrum of writing types.

Another useful, but sometimes underused, student resource is taking advantage of the opinions of fellow students, especially those in the same class. By virtue of the fact that the students in the same class are undertaking the same topic of study, receiving the same tuition style and materials, they can be of great use to one another. Peer reviews of each other's writing are a good method of receiving and giving feedback. Constructive critiques are an excellent way of identifying strong and weak areas in a student's work.

Students would probably agree that essay writing is a challenging, time consuming and skills-demanding task that can be improved over time with experience. However, there is plenty of help available for those who want to develop and improve their writing techniques. It is recommended that students avail of such help.

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