What is a quarterly essay? What does it imply? How to do it? These and many other questions bother students who are assigned to create such a piece of writing. However, if you are here, you should not panic since we are the team that can help you out.

The Quarterly Essay - It Can "Make" or "Break" You!

A quarterly essay is generally assigned in those courses of one's major field and can be complex pieces requiring research and specific purposes. For example, if a quarterly essay is assigned comparing/contrasting the political philosophies of Rousseau and Locke, and then presenting an argument regarding which is more relevant in a democratic society today, there are several facets of producing this work. First, one must be certain that he or she has mastered the content of the two philosophies. This may involve additional research, including re-reading the writings of each man. Next, a comparison must be done, noting similarities and important differences between the two. At that point, one is ready to apply the concepts to modern democracy in real and practical ways.



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It is no wonder that students become bogged down in their work on a quarterly essay. After all, this assignment occurs at a time when classes are still conducted, when other reading is still required, and when exams are looming! Add to this the frustration felt by many students who have great mastery of content and skills and yet dislike writing or, indeed, have never developed the level of writing skill to compete with other great writers in their courses. While this is no reflection on their intellectual capacity, it does put them at a disadvantage in the classroom, no matter what the subject.

Most of the time, the quarterly essay will be shown in the syllabus at the beginning of the course, and the wise student will begin early to prepare for it. Some require traditional research, while others require that the student conduct original research of his/her own. This can be a daunting task and should not be delayed. As well, the instructor/professor has specific guidelines and requirements to which the essay must adhere. Failure to meet these requirements and failure to submit the quarterly essay on time are two important factors in one's final grade.

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