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The interview essay consists of an outline of interview questions, which is then filled in with the interviewee's (candidate's) answers. It is a very effective method of collecting personal information, and lends itself to the orderly conduct of an interview. It allows the interviewer to collect a great deal of pertinent information in a short amount of time.


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Peculiarities of an Interview Essay Outline

The interview essay outline typically includes various types of queries. Some of the types used in the interview paper are the following:

  • Open-ended questions. These are designed to draw the interviewee in to a hypothetical situation, to reveal his or her reaction. This helps the interviewer understand the candidate's motivations and reasoning.
  • Closed questions. These are the queries that have a limited number of correct answers, and allow the interviewer to assess the candidate's knowledge of a relevant subject.
  • Specific/direct questions. These are the "yes/no" questions posed the by interviewer for clarification purposes.
  • Loaded questions. These are provocative queries designed to learn more about the character of an interviewee. Loaded queries use presumptions or guesses to surprise the candidate and prompt honest answers.
  • Non-verbal probes. These are actions such as nods or direct eye contact from the interviewer designed to effect productive and smooth interaction with the interviewee. It may also include statements like "Please expand on your view of...," or "Let's return to the statement you made about...,"etc.

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For a candidate, the interview essay structure and typically used questions can be studied in advance of an interview as a means of preparation.

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