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Despite the fact that today’s turbulent world seems to be more obsessed with money than anything else, the ultimate asset for many people is not gold or money, it is life. In Christianity, Jesus Christ paid for the salvation of humanity His life. It was the most precious sacrifice, since life had always been sacred. Today many people give their lives for the sake of love, truth, and other people’s happiness, since they believe this is the greatest pay, which can ever be made. Indeed, any of us is capable of disposing his or her life, yet if we ever heard that someone wanted to take our life, we would become furious, enraged, and most probably frightened to death. Same happens to unborn children who are a subject to abortion.

 Despite the fact that unborn children have no legal personality by the UK law, in reality the foetus in a woman’s womb is already a person with a distinguishable personality, research proves that. For instance, scientists have found that babies start learning their mother tongues while in a womb. This explains why many babies easily recognize the foreign language within a few days after birth (Hope, 2012). Abortion, which is a killing of child in a woman’s womb, takes away the life of a person. In the given case, Lakshmi, the Indian woman aged 19, who is reportedly mentally retarded, has all her rights to preserve the unborn baby even if some officials or medical against this.



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Arguments against Lakshmi’s Abortion

First of all, recognition of the personhood of Lakshmi’s unborn baby is the major argument. An unborn baby is not just a “part of the woman’s body”, nor is he or she just “a blob of tissue”, as pro-abortion activists assert. Based on a multitude of researches, fixing the response of a foetus to various factors, one can confidently maintain that any unborn child is a person, with capability to feel, to be aware, and to interact to a certain extent. For example, the sonogram pictures and video tapes enable to see how unborn babies yawn, rub their noses; suck their thumbs, kick, etc. In the United States, for $180, you may get a 30 minute video of how the baby changes his behavior when the lullaby music is set, as well as a few photos that fix his facial expressions (Zamora, 2004). Thus, abortion is a brutal violation of this little person’s rights for life.

Secondly, Lakshmi has the legal and human right to keep her baby. While it is true that the conception resulted from rape, Lakshmi conceived inside her own body. Therefore, she is the primary decision maker in relation to the matter of abortion. If she feels that she is healthy enough to give birth to the child and to take care after him afterwards, consequently, she naturally chooses to keep her child. What do authorities have to do with this decision of a mother?

Thirdly, Lakshmi is developed enough to care of her child and provide him with the necessary love. Tinku Ray, the journalist, reports that Lakshmi “talks non-stop about her baby” and “asks the visitors to bring new clothes for the baby” (Ray, 2009). The fact that her IQ is not high enough or that her level of development is that of an eight year old girl has flaws in relation to childcare. History knows many cases when eight year olds successfully took care of their younger siblings. As for Lakshmi, her experience is certainly greater than that of an eight year old, says Poonam Natarajan, the head of the National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Mental Disabilities. Lakshmi may need some assistance in looking after the baby, but the same might be true about many “normal” women who often find themselves inexperienced in taking care of their newborn kids.        

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Further, Lakshmi has the right to refuse from abortion even if it is legally imposed, because abortion has a number of medical complications, which may leave her infertile, expose her to cervical injury, increase the chances of breast cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, and even lead to suicide in the future. For instance, Daling et al. found that women that had an abortion increase the risk of developing breast cancer by 30% (Daling et al., 1994). Besides, medical complications are greater by 100% in women aged below twenty than in those aged 25-29 (Canadian Journal of Public Health, 1982 cited in “Complication of Abortion”, 2012). To make matters worse, the research has found that “the more severely ill the psychiatric patient, the worse is her post-abortion state” (Sandberg, 1980)


In conclusion, currently, it is time when the society officially recognized that abortion is a murder and took measures to save lives of millions of children killed by merciless mothers and physicians. It seems at least weird that in the society that campaigns for the rights of humans and animals, children, who are humans and persons with great potential, are destitute of right only because someone does not want additional trouble. Lakshmi has all her rights to keep the baby just as the baby has the same right to live as any of us. Indeed, it is hard to disagree with the ruling of the Supreme Court, “Nature will take care of the orphan mother and child” (Ray, 2009).


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