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Within different contexts, a nurse is required to apply different skills. In particular, community health care nursing is about caring for public’s health. The specialist working in the public health nursing is required to be able to effectively monitor the health status of people, track and examine health problems and hazards within the community, provide information about certain health issues to people, and assist people in getting their personalized health services, etc (Lundy & Janes, 2009: 944). Within the community setting, nurses are required to act in a well-organized and confident manner, while being able to handle the situations which may be potentially challenging. Performing the duties of a district nurse or a CPN (health visitor or midwife), one is required to effectively assess patients’ healthcare needs as well as monitor the quality of care they are provided with. In this case, nurses should act by realizing their professional accountability for delivered care.

In residential homes, some of the major skills required from a nurse are assistance to a patient by satisfying a range of his/her nursing needs along with encouragement of the patient’s independence where it is possible. A nurse (a learning disability nurse or a mental health nurse) is required to deliver care within the person-centred approach to medical care. This will ensure that the care provided is individual and relevant to the needs of a particular patient. Importantly, nurses should be able to interact with their patients in a sensitive manner using flexible and highly developed communicative skills. They may sometimes need to act assertively, and be able to cope with patients of any age (Learning disabilities nursing, n.d.). The care nurses deliver in residential homes is not restricted by medical care only, in many cases nurses need to act as providers of social and educational care, too.

Specialist nurses or nurses working in specialist hospital settings should have good skills in their particular area of nursing practice. Specifically, specialist nurses are required to provide adequate care to patients that suffer from long-term illnesses and conditions, such as cancer, chronic heart failure, diabetes, dementia, and Parkinson’s. While providing direct care to their patients, specialist nurses also act as educators by explaining to patients how to their symptoms can be managed. Additionally, they provide support and counseling following the diagnosis (Specialist nurses: changing lives, saving money, 2010).


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