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For my comparison I chose the first two districts available on the list, such as Abbot Union Free School District (further Abbot) and Addison Central School District (further Addison). I compared the contracts that the districts offer their respective teachers and came to the conclusions further described. Addison contract deals not only with dues’ deduction, but also agency fees in case a teacher is not a member of the teacher’s association. It likewise includes such options as a tax-sheltered account and deductions to the Federal Credit Union. Both school districts have their own salary schedule based on the number of years of credited service, with Abbot’s year one starting from $41,271 and Addison’s slightly higher with $43,903. Abbot’s longevity increase was in 2006 - 3.0%, 2007 - 3,2% and 2008 - 3.5%. For Addison it was 3,2%, 3,95% and 4,25% respectively. Thus, Abbot’s salary increase can be assumed to be higher. Both contracts provide for the stipends for teacher assistants’ substituting. Abbot, however, is more specific about the compensatory time (beyond 3:30 p.m.) and extracurricular activities (e.g. tutoring $14.50 per hour). Abbot is explicit about the summer school compensation with $22.00 per hour pay, while in Addison it is not specified. Abbot provides for fifteen days of sick leave per year, while with Addison it is only ten days. Abbot allows five personal leaves per year, while with Addison it is only three. The longest possible parental leave in Abbot’s contract is twice as long as the one in Addison’s – two years and one year respectively. However, even though the child care leave is much longer in Abbot, it is required to submit a written request two months before the leave starts, while in Addison it can be done approximately four times later (only two weeks before the leave is to commence). One year leave for health reasons and other types of leaves are similar in both contracts. One more important detail that should be likewise noted is that the premium equivalent payment for healthcare coverage in Addison’s contract is only 86% (years 2008-2009), while in Abbot’s one it is full 100%.


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