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Academic writing has emerged to be a very discussed and important aspect among scholars and in learning institutions. Academic writing is governed by various principles that have provided academic papers with aspects of integrity and competency. There are six key principles that are fundamentally dialogic in nature of academic writing, as they permit writers to elicit unequivocally participation of their readers in the dialogue, addressing the interests, perceptions and requirements of prospective audience (Brodkey, 2007).

The academic paper on Disaster Response and Emergency Management has employed five academic writing principles as proposed by Thonney Teresa. The writer of the paper has provided literature review of the paper in an elaborate manner. The literature review of the paper reacts to what others have researched on and arguments concerning the topic. Through the thesis and outline of the paper, the writer provides the value and the direction of the paper in advance. The outline directs the writer on what to expect in the rest of the papers. The paper takes a position concerning disaster response and emergency management and also acknowledges that readers of the paper may disagree with their position (Hyland, 2009).

In this paper, through the recommendations and conclusions, the writer exerts his authority concerning the academic paper. The paper ends with strong conclusion that reaffirms the thesis of the paper thus taking an authoritative position. Lastly, the paper uses specific vocabulary and language that are related to the topic. The key words as seen after the abstract of the paper are a clear indication that the writer uses academic and specific vocabulary on the topic.

On the other hand, the academic paper on Financial Analysis of Sony Corporation uses all the principles of academic writing (Hyland, 2009). Unlike the academic paper on Disaster Response and Emergency Management, it has used evidence in the results by using graphs and financial tables. Use of all the principles of academic writing gives a good paper and provides different perspectives and approaches to a particular topic of interest.


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