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Steelcase Inc. is the global principal company in the office furnishings industry, providing a wide range of services and products for institutions and workplaces. The company was started in March 16, 1912, in Grand Rapids, Michigan being its headquarters. Steelcase Company was publicly traded in 1998 with most of its shares held by its members. The firm has been in the industry for over 100 years and it is motivated by 100 years impending gained offering their services to the global leading organizations. Steelcase Inc. comprises of three primary brands, which include Steelcase, Coalesse, and Turnstone and many other sub-brands that include Nurture.

The company has approximately 10,000 workers globally and the leadership team is based in company’s headquarters situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company is globally accessible via network channels, which comprise of over 650 independent and company-owned dealers and the company also designs both for economic, socials and environmental sustainability. In addition, the company sells its products through retail and web-based channels.



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The company is a consumer cyclical with massive exposure to macroeconomic trends. In 2009, for instance, during economic crisis, the degree of its dependence on private office furniture was approximately 62%. The company has diversified its brand line via acquisitions and ventures whilst cutting costs through eliminating manufacturing processes. The acquisition approach can be divided into three key parts that include Designer and Manufacturer Company Acquisitions (principally global), International Dealer, and Healthcare and Education Industry.

The company has adopted viral campaign as one of its marketing strategy via dealer networks and through online pay-per-click Google advertising , which focuses at stressing that Steelcase Inc. as an appealing specialist in workplace management and approachable firm. The company through a spirited focus on targeted R&D diversification and spending its client portfolio to integrate a huge percentage of healthcare industry and capture small firms, the firm will be able to withstand prospective market volatility. In aspects of the debt to equity ratio of the Steelcase Inc., after stock repurchase programs started, the weight of equity declined from 91.8% to 80.1% from 2007 to 2010. The firm raised its debt since it provided a comparatively less expensive technique of financing.

Viesso Inc.

Viesso Inc. is one of the leading best green furniture companies, which was recently declared one of 10 best green upholstered furniture firms by Apartment Therapy’s The company is the principal leader producing custom sofas and much more modern furniture. The company is situated in Santa Monica, CA, Los Angeles. Viesso Inc principally operates in the Furniture Stores industry and was started in 2005, and is privately owned. The company’s products offerings are preferred by many clients because in producing the furniture, they substitute the normal synthetic materials with natural components, which include cotton and jute webbing. The company also uses materials, which are recyclable, natural and or produced through reduced emissions. The firm allows its customers to further customize the already eco-friendly furniture to be 100% Green by specifying basically every component user during their manufacture.

As compared to other firms producing furniture, Viesso has an advantage in that apart from the environmentally responsible processes use in manufacture of its products, customers can develop sofas from ground up. The company provides numerous concepts that the customer can adapt by selecting the size and dimensions, filling materials, color and fabric. The company also uses online marketing to meet its clients, with a view to show their clients eco-friendly alternatives and materials while customizing their orders.

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The company has no large inventories of products like majority of companies, because the firm doesn’t manufacture any furniture until customer orders. This in turn makes the production process more efficient and minimizes the impacts on environment in terms of materials utilized. The company’s revenue in 2011 was approximately $30,000.


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