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Whirlpools bathtubs in hotel guestrooms (i.e., Jacuzzi tubs, whirlpool baths) have come under scrutiny because of sanitation issues

a)      What is the problem(s) with traditional jetted bathtubs?

Maintenance is the main problem, which always affect the traditional jetted bulbs. When compared with the modern ones, it is always hard to maintain the traditional ones since it bears much use and reuse problems. When installed in hotels and other places of pleasure, it won’t take long before these bulbs get worn out. They need regular check and observation otherwise they would not be of any important benefit. Modern consumers often go for the modern types of tubs, which are reliable and friendly to human needs while at use. This is not the case with the traditional jetted bathtubs. Moreover, the traditional bathtubs do not offer reliable health conditions while at use. This is because they often get breakages, which can injure or ruin the entire bath process.

b)       If you were building a new property or renovating existing guestrooms and needed to include whirlpool/Jacuzzi tubs in the rooms, what new products exist to help address the sanitation problems? How would they provide an improvement over traditional systems?



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In order to assess and fix all sanitation problems when installing whirlpool/Jacuzzi tubs in a bath room, it is important to consider every customer needs. These devices are used for pleasure apart from bathing. They help create a tranquil moment to the users. Whirlpool/Jacuzzi tubs should be modernized with enough power equipments. The water supplies should be reliable and consistent with the health standards. These equipment should also be well sanitized. For instance, the bath soaps, towels, and situation of the bath itself should be installed with enough measures to cater for their cleanliness and sanitation. Over the traditional systems, the whirlpool/Jacuzzi tubs should feature other facets as to offer a relaxing moment to the users. They should not have any sanitation problems. They should enable the users to access what they want to feel when bathing.

Why might hotels consider using an ozone technology in laundry operations? 

Hotels might consider using an ozone technology in laundry operations because of the advantages of using this technology. First, ozone technology reduces laundry expenses by a margin of close to ten percent. This is quite applicable in places of commercial laundry operations such as hotels. Ozone technology is known to be better, effective, efficient, self-reliable, and does not tear laundry equipment at use. Hotels normally go for such qualities in choosing the kind of technology to use. Ozone technology is also known to increase textile life and quality. Unlike other technologies, it does not reduce the quality and life span of the textile material when used. Ozone is known to disinfect and sanitize linens in a better way. This helps to disable bacteria and virus infection on the users of the textiles. Moreover, ozone technology replicates clean, fresher, and sweet smelling linens, which are good for hotel users.

In your own words, please discuss how constant-pressure and gravity-fed water supply systems work.

Constant pressure water works mainly by use of pumps and natural pressure. The atmosphere, depending on its depth exerts pressure on objects on the earth surface. This pressure, which acts from the top of the atmosphere is also reinforced by the application of external pressure by use of pumps; hence, used to run the system. The pressure is constant at all times. Water in taps or any other open vessel is therefore, subjected to the atmospheric pressure and flows with the guide of this pressure. Constant pressure water is normally used in siphons as those used to draw water from wells. Gravity-fed water makes use of the force of gravity, which acts towards the centre of the earth. At some distance high, the water contains certain amount of pressure, which can be utilized to supply this water to some locations. The best case where the force of gravity is used when drawing water is in cistern placed at roof tops.  

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You have an 110V electrical receptacle that has a computer monitor plugged into it.  The monitor consumes 2.3 amps of electricity.  How much resistance to the electrical voltage does the monitor provide? 


The electrical receptacle =110V

Monitor consumes 2.3amps of electricity

Resistance to the electrical voltage =?

This aspect of electrical consumption is assumed to take the formula that voltage is a product of the current provided by the mains and used by the device, and the resistance to be offered by that device. This shows that resistance will be a division of the voltage by the current.

V = IR

v= 110

I= 2.3Amps


= 110/2.3

=47.83 Ohms

Therefore, the amount of resistance offered by the monitor is 47.83 Ohms.

You have a Hobart HM1200 commercial microwave oven that is plugged into a 110V circuit that provides 15 Amps of current. You want to make sure that you don’t overload the circuit’s current.  You check the information plate on the back of the microwave and find that it consumes 1200 watts.  How many amps does the microwave use?  Will it overload the circuit?

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Voltage of the microwave is 110V

Current is provided at 15 amperes

Microwave power consumption is 1200 watts

Power is a product of current and voltage, that is, P=IV




Therefore, since P=IV, I=P/V

= 1200/110

= 10.91A

The initial voltage of the microwave is provided at 110V. Its ampere consumption has been connected to a supply of 15 Amperes. Now that its power rating consumption is 1200watts, this implies from the calculation that the amount of current under use by the device is 10.91 Amperes. The current supply from the main circuit exceeds that of the device use. Hence, the device will not overuse the circuit.

Now you have a Hobart FP300 commercial food processor that is plugged into a 120V circuit that uses 10 amps of current.  How much power does the food processor use? 


The voltage supply is 120V.

Ampere use is 10A

From the formula, P=IV, power is a product of the current and voltage,

We get, P=IV

= 120V x10

=1,200 watts

Therefore, the amount of power being consumed by the food processor amounts to 1200 watts.

If we figure that the food processor in the previous question will run approximately 2 hours per day for the next 30 days, how much energy will we use over that time period?  How much will it cost us?  Assume the power company charges $0.091/kWh. 

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Power consumed by the processor = 1200 watts

Rate of consumption is given at $0.091kWh.

Total time in a day is 2hrs.

Total time in a month that is thirty days will be given as

30 x 2 =60hrs.


P=E/t, where E is the energy and t is time taken. Therefore:

E=P x t

=1200 x 60

=72,000 Joules



Rate of consumption= $0.091kWh.

Time = 60hrs

Charges= $0.091kWh.x 60

= $5.46


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