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There many factors that affect capacity and delay in commercial aviation. These are the causes of challenges in the field of aviation. They include the challenges in operation management, airport systems, and administration. These are caused by changes in structure, technology, and political environment. In addition, the environmental impact, regulatory and enhanced security issues are some of the challenges that result from delay and capacity. This requires proper planning, management, and development of the airports.

The commercial aviation requires the application of highly developed technologies to enhance airport services. This makes it safer, more reliable, and less expensive to pilots. Moreover, this increases the operational performance and maintenance of the airports. The development of general aviation technology programs has increased the activities of commercial aviation. This has helped in alleviating delay and congestion of the commercial aviation. In addition, transportation of businesses and people has been increased to areas with limited airline access.

Reduction of delay and congestion in commercial aviation is significant as air travel is escalating in demand. Furthermore, affordable, convenient, and more reliable air transportation is significant in economic development. The enhancement of quality service and alleviating congestion are key challenges of commercial aviation. In addition, these are affected by the environmental compatibility and air transport safety. Human skills and knowledge are used as an application in conducting flight operations. This is done by the use of available resources such as people, equipments, and systems. Human errors are the leading cause of capacity and delays in commercial aviation. They are part of the environment that has to interact with other components that include technology, weather, and social systems.

The humans are the fundamental cause of all the capacity and delays. This is because they interrelate and design the other elements that are in the environment. Managing the threats and risks are elemental in managing safety of the aviation systems. This includes air traffic control, flight deck warning and weather planning systems.


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