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How should companies react to the attack sites on the Internet?

Sometimes companies face a real battle when trying to counter the complaint sites that are used by disgruntled customers/employees to publicize their grievances. However, there are several strategies that can be employed by companies in order to avoid the impact of such internet defamation.

First, some companies resort to take legal actions against the complaint site if the site business activity, trade libels, dilution and trademark infringement laws provide the company with protection from such disparage of corporate name and trademarks. In other words, the law allows the company to sue the complaint site for defamatory remarks.

A company can also resort to other possible strategies to counter such sites. Most of these web pages fall in the third party servers such as Yahoo hence they are subject to web hosting agreement which forbids offensive materials and trademark infringement. This means that when the hosting webpage receives a complaint of trademark infringement, they will act by removing such pages which secures the image of the company.



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Some companies have also resorted to registering many variations of their internet domain names given that the cost of registering anti-domain names is relatively low. This strategy helps in locking the possibilities of the disgruntled customers/employees in establishing a complaint site with a similar name to that of the company.

Lastly, a company can decide to closely monitor such complaint sites and when it deems appropriate, they can send e-mails and coupons to the disgruntled employees. However, the price for monitoring internet abuse is often very costly for some companies and may not make a business sense.


It is very important for the companies to be very vigilant on their domain names, intellectual property, and trademarks so as to avoid losing grounds based on the information availed by frustrated customers/employees on the complaints sites. Irrespective of the strategy chosen by the company, the main aim should be to minimize disruption to business operation as well as to preserve the trade name of the company. Companies should also establish a comprehensive strategy to tackle different kinds of complaints raised on such internet sites.


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