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Free «Bald Eagle-endangered Species List» Essay Sample

The bald eagles were listed on the group of endangered species in mid 1970s after their number started declining at a high rate. For decades, bald eagles were victims of habitat destruction, illegal shooting, and food poisoning (US Fish and Wildlife Services, 2007). The use of the insecticide DDT affected the strength of bald eagles’ eggshells that they could not produce viable off springs. The use of DDT was banned in 1972 by the federal government and the birds were placed under endangered species. This was done in order for the federal government to protect the bird’s habitat. In July 2007, the bald eagles were delisted from endangered species (US Fish and Wildlife Services, 2007). The decision was reached after the number of bald eagles increased, and they never seemed endangered.

Although the bald eagles were delisted from the endangered and threatened species list, their protection remains paramount. When the birds were delisted, it was announced that the birds will continuously be protected under the “Bald and Golden eagle protection act”. This Act will be coupled with the “Migratory Bird Treaty Act” to protect the bald eagle (Slevin, 2006). These acts are aimed at protecting the birds against slaughtering, selling, or hurting them, their nest or eggs. The aspect of being delisted involves removing the birds from the threatened species’ list whereas recovering refers to restoring the population of the birds.


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The regulations against killing or harming the birds are still in place and protected by the federal government. They are meant to ensure continued protection of the birds. Because the federal government protects these regulations, they have proven a successful influence in protecting the bald eagles (Kenney, 2011). North Carolina is crucial in this topic for the efforts made in the state to protect bald eagles. In 1984, the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission implemented a protection project for bald eagles. The state controls landowners on how they keep the birds. The government ensures landowners protect the birds, and they not killed or sold (Kenney, 2011). The Bald eagle is a state symbol and the state views its protection crucial. All efforts are put in place to ensure the bird’s survival and successful population.


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