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Answer 1

The dilemma surrounding the type of air conditioning system between 2-pipe and 4-pipe is based on the cost of each and its efficiency. For a hotel building, it is imperative to note that the system should be capable to accommodate and regulate both high and low temperatures. A 4-pipe system would be appropriate for a hotel building. The system comprises four pipes, two of which have chilled water, while the other two have hot water. The 4-pipe system can be custom made to meet the demands of the room. The system has various advantages over the 2-pipe system. The 4-pipe system is designed with different pipes for heating and cooling, and separate fan coils. This indicates that the system can provide both hot and chilled water for adjustment of the room temperature at whatever time it is required. This would vital in a hotel room, since it would provide efficiency. The 2-pipe system must be changed manually, which is not only time consuming, but also not convenient.

In addition, the selection of the 4-pipe system was based on the flexibility offered by the system. The system can keep some rooms cool, while keeping others warm. The 2-pipe system does not offer such flexibility. This flexibility is vital in a hotel room, which may require varied temperatures based on the activities taking place. A hotel room will require an air conditioning system, which can be switched from cool to hot within a short time. It is imperative to note that, the system has some shortcomings, which must also be considered. Although the system may be costly to install, the effectiveness and convenience it offers outdo the shortcomings, it is the best air conditioning system for a hotel room.   



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Answer 2

The definition of energy vampire has diverse meanings to different people. However, energy vampire can be described as any thought, activity, behavior, or patterns that consume people’s life force or energy. There are a number of external factors, which drain of people’s energy, which may include a thing, a place, a place among others, which strike if the person is prone. Energy vampires are characterized by posing a threat to people’s happiness. The effects of energy vampires are indicative of diluted attention and drags people down.

Energy vampires are pervasive in our lives, and they can hardly be noted. Because of the presence of the energy vampires, people end up being tied in negative thoughts and patterns and distractions, hence never moved forward. There are various forms of energy vampires, which drain people of their energy. Among the main energy vampires include complaining, which is the main form of energy vampire. Complaining gnaws people’s souls attracting more things to complaining about. Whereas it inevitable to have faults, it is paramount for people to take full responsibility for their problems. It is vital to take action about a person’s situation instead draining his energy when complaining.      

Arguments are another form of energy vampire. It is argued that there is no need to argue because the other party might not even be listening. It is imperative to note that people who argue never wins, leave alone being listened to. There is no need to prove that you are right, but just live with the truths you have learnt from your experience.  

There are activities, which people are not sure whether to do them or not. Such activities are referred to us partial commitments, and they drain away people’s energy. It is vital to know which primary activities should be accorded total energy. Partial commitments end up draining up to 25% of our energy. It is, therefore, imperative for people to identify energy vampires around them in order to accomplish some of their objectives. It is also crucial to note that energy vampires must not be people around us, but may include things, places, or activities.


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