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Beta Pham Skilled Nursing Facility Mission Statement

To provide excellent, comprehensive, and holistic care to all state residents through partnerships with patients and community and through collaboration with nursing and medical practitioners and other health care staff in the facility.

Beta Pham Skilled Nursing Facility Vision Statement

To be a leading skilled nursing facility of choice that is recognized as having the most satisfied patients, the best possible quality care, the best physicians and employees in order to shape the future of healthcare through innovative leadership.

The Quality of the Organization's Vision and Mission Statements

Mission Statement

Beta Pham skilled nursing facility mission statement validates the reasons for the statement and the organization’s purpose. It also makes Beta Pham skilled nursing facility to evaluate its purpose more realistically (Kotler, Shalowitz, & Stevens, 2011). The above mission statement explains why Beta Pham exists, why it is in business, shows its contribution to the society and how it provides value. The mission statement makes reference to customers, employees, the community and other shareholders as well as services provided by Beta Pham nursing facility (McKeon, 1996). It also depicts the points of demarcation with other skilled nursing facilities, predominantly competitors, and positions the basis for the facility’s competitive advantage. Beta Pham mission statement identifies the organization’s customers and critical processes, often with a qualifier of what level of performance the facility is dedicated to delivering.



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The mission statement of Beta Pham is to provide good services to the public, as it is indicated in the statement of purpose “To provide excellent health care to all patients through partnerships with patients and the community….” The facility’s mission statement is written in such a way that all people working within Beta Pham know the reason for their employment (Swansburg, 1996). The facility’s mission statement is known and understood by other healthcare practitioners, customers and their families, and by the community. Beta Pham statement of purpose is dynamic, giving action and strength to evolving statement of philosophy, objectives and management plans (Swansburg, 1996). The mission statement brings about new business techniques; thus, moving Beta Pham from being facility dominated to being market-driven (Brinkmann & O'Brien, 2010). Also it is important to note that Beta Pham’s statement of purpose is relative to new markets, market share, and diversification. 

Vision Statement

Beta Pham’s vision statement is what the skilled nursing facility will look like. According to McKeon (1996), it is a mental image of how all of the elements of the nursing facility are working together to accomplish the facility’s reason for being. Beta Pham’s vision statement provides direction and drives everything that is done in the nursing facility. In addition, the Beta Pham’s vision statement is a long range prospect or state of being that is worked on every day but will not be accomplished in the near future (Lucas, 1998). Statements such as “the most satisfied patients, the best possible clinical quality and outcomes” found within the vision statement indicate that Beta Pham’s vision is that perfect state that might never be reached but which the facility will never stop trying to achieve (McKeon, 1996).

Beta Pham’s vision statement describes a desirable future and indicates on what energies should be focused. Barker (1992) noted that the vision statement of Beta Pham nursing facility provides a written concrete guide for the people in the nursing facility to quest for the future. It can also be noted that the facility’s vision statement is subjective rather than precise and objective (Lucas, 1998). In the vision statement “To be a leading skilled nursing facility of choice that is recognized as having the most satisfied patients, the best possible clinical quality and outcomes, and the best physicians and employees…”, it can be noted that the statement includes information about patients, nursing staff, management systems, and relationship of Beta Pham with community and society (Brinkmann & O'Brien, 2010). It can be noted that the vision statement is grounded in reality and is achievable (Barker, 1992). It reflects a solid understanding of Beta Pham’s resources and competencies in the context of the opportunities and threats that exist in the external environments.                      

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Necessary Enhancements with Appropriate Rationale

From the vision statement, it can be noted that it makes visible what was previously invisible in Beta Pham nursing facility. The main challenge facing Beta Pham is how to capture and articulate a blend of many disparate nursing theories into the vision statement (Brinkmann & O'Brien, 2010). Working with all levels of Beta Pham Nursing Facility, the management should craft a vision statement that is inclusive of both the how and the why of skilled nursing as well as supporting structures necessary to create, expand, and sustain it (Hickey & Kritek, 2010). The necessary enhancement is to ensure that the vision statement both challenges and supports every nurse practicing at Beta Pham. Another important enhancement is to ensure that the vision statement serves to influence motivation, behavior, cooperation, performance, teamwork, and relationships within Beta Pham nursing facility (Lucas, 1998).

The Beta Pham mission statement challenges each nurse to understand that nursing care within the facility is most effective when the nurse knows his or her patient beyond the diagnosis and plan of care as a unique human being (Hickey & Kritek, 2010). The main enhancement that is necessary to mission statement is to have knowledge of the patients; thus, Beta Pham’s mission statement should encourage the physicians and nurses to integrate the biological, physical, emotional, and social dimensions of each patient in a safe care environment. People in Beta Pham nursing facility should have an understanding of how specific tasks connect to move toward the mission (Brinkmann & O'Brien, 2010). Brinkmann & O'Brien (2010) further noted that in order to enhance the statements each morning, the top management should spend a short time reviewing how the planned events of the day relate to both the mission and vision.


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