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The organization chosen for this challenge project is John Hopkins Hospital. The hospital was established in 1867 and is located in Baltimore, Maryland. John Hopkins Hospital unites physicians and scientists of its school of medicine with the organizations, health professionals, and facilities of the John Hopkins health System (Shockney, 2011). Daniels & Nicoll (2011) indicated “that John Hopkins Hospital delivers tertiary services throughout the Maryland area and attracts patients from across the state, country, and world” (p. 434).

The Organization’s Mission

The mission of Johns Hopkins Hospital is “to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research and clinical care” (Shockney, 2011). Shockney indicated that diverse and inclusive, John Hopkins Hospital has provided international leadership in the education of physicians and medical scientists in biomedical research (2011). The hospital has contributed largely the application of medical knowledge to sustain health since the John Hopkins Hospital opened in 1889. The hospital fosters an environment that facilitates the practice of research based, professional treatment.   

Identification of Major Stakeholders

The John Hopkins Hospital stakeholders include physicians, patients, advocacy groups, volunteers, suppliers, product manufacturers (drugs, devices) and the entire hospital workforce (Brown, 1996). In addition, the hospital’s stakeholders include payers of services such as insurance companies, commissioning authorities, government at all levels in the public sector, public health, regulatory authorities such as NHI, health care service providers, academic institutions, the business community, private sector and others who are involved in the ongoing concerns of the hospital (Brown, 1996).

Major Issues Facing the Organization

The major issue facing John Hopkins Hospital is the implementation of evidence based practice (EBP) within the hospital. Newhouse (2007) says that there is a compelling need for EBP in the hospital environment. Newhouse (2007) noted that “the creation of standardized framework for evidence based practice in John Hopkins Hospital is critical in the implementation of best practices both clinically and administratively” (p. 147). Inline with the concern of implementing evidence based practice; John Hopkins Hospital needs to identify and improve cost components of care, foster outcomes improvement, and ensure the success of the initiative.

The medical practitioners and the entire hospital workforce want evidence that what they are doing in the workplace is efficient, effective and efficacious. A lack of organizational infrastructure to support evidence based practice is an important issue to deal with. As a result, Newhouse (2007) says resources in terms of people, money, and time need to be negotiated and allocated to support the initiative. This implies that access to library resources or computers for online database resources must be planned for by Johns Hopkins Hospital management.


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