Free «Bolivia's Oil Crisis» Essay Sample

These research paper talks about a poor country found in the south of America called Bolivia. The country is full of oil as the main resource. Nevertheless, the country is full of corruption and at the same time, Bolivia is plagued with civil unrest and poverty. According to Marc, as a country, Bolivia has been nationalized recently and its oil reserves hoping to modernizing the country. Further, it talks about the weaknesses and strengths of oil production in Bolivia. Moreover, it recommends on the ways and techniques required by the country to improve its economy through production of oil and stabilizing the industry.

In the research, the author used quantitative research whereby, the actual population was determined. For instance, the author talked about the country being ethnically divided and the two thirds of indigenous population in the country termed as ethnical (McGrady, 2007). Also, the estimates on the number of poor people termed equal to the indigenous people. In his statistics, qualitative research was used in some occasions. The figures on the development and growth of the economy through production of oil product dominate in the research. The author usage of exact percentages demonstrates how qualitative research was used.

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The authors statistics is supported by clear prove and explanations through graphs and figures. For example, the author talks about Bolivia depending on oil as its one export revenue. The author argues that oil is a volatile commodity and its price changes by 8 percent per month. The fluctuations will determine the development of Bolivia economy. This statistics are dependable and mainly support its main argument point (McGrady, 2007).

At a point, the author became biased when talking about Bolivia’s economy. The author termed Bolivia as unstable, politically and ethnically divided thus impossible for the country to control its economy and achieve its goals on oil export. The countries strengths and weaknesses are widely explained in the research on the oil crisis in Bolivia. The weakness like political interferences and corruption are spelt out in the research. On the other hand, the author also clearly talks about the strength of Bolivia to use oil in developing her economy.

The recommendations for the development of Bolivia in this research were based on the government efforts to generate more income through oil exports (McGrady, 2007). Also, the same government has the responsibility of maintaining political stability in the country to encourage and attract new investor to boost its economy. According to me, the research was relevant in improving the economy.


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