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Business report

Report on the communication issues within the building project

Introduction (Purpose, scope, background, and outline structure)

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  • The first phase of the latest Leatty Shanghai project in building is 16 months present over the budget and 2months behind schedule.
  •  The report aims at presenting communication issues within and recommending the appropriate actions.
  • The relative recommendations and the communications issues are mainly talked about in the report even though the factors for delaying are very complex. This includes road works, redesigning, suppliers, building contractors and whether conditions.
  • In this reports body, the findings on the promotion and communication, morale motivation in the team, information exchanging and working practice is also discussed in the report.
  • Lastly, there is discussion of recommendations, conclusion for the possible actions that is proposed finally (Adair, 1988: 23).

Promote the communication

         i.            The internet based apps

  • Some of the people resent or are not familiar with the internet based apps.
  • They are also used as the means of collaborating and arranging projects efficiency and are required for tracking activities in the internet by developing software’s.

       ii.            Tele-conferences

  • If the officials had face to face meetings, the rules regarding the business would have been established in building trust to the architects.
  • Observation of the contractors time differences

Motivation of team morale

      iii.            Emotion

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  • The negative feedback was experienced from the client.

     iv.            Building work scheduled for 24hours

  • There was a heat wave in summer that hammered the project
  • Structural engineers were therefore advised to work 60 hours a week

       v.            These delays caused frictions and misunderstanding between the members.

  • Consultants and contractors seemed to be much more on maintenance and focused on a very high quality that causes more delays to the developers.
  • The quality design architects were not allocated enough time for deliverance of required work.
  • The contractor feels like contradicting and being confronted by the clients.

Working place

     vi.            High quality and deadline orienteed

  • The developers should be deadline oriented and more task driven
  • The architects require enough time allocated to them

    vii.            Work schedule

  • Aggressive and unrealistic schedules of work to the structural engineers
  • There is no quality time for designing and planning revisions by the architects


Communications of tasks and exchange of information

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  • There is no face to face communication to the multicultural team
  • There is no regular progress and reports to status
  • There is no sense of working towards a common goal


Teleconferences with the internet based applications are required for information for exchanging and communicating tasks though, there is difference to unfamiliarity and adjusted. The schedule in the work is never appropriate for the working practice and the team morale.


  • Popularization and usage of internet based apps in order to be keeping track with one another
  • Teleconferences time being adjusted for balancing time differences
  • There is need for slowdown for bur out prevention
  • Major members call up to the team and discussion of current problems and what would be done together.

Buy Business report essay paper online

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