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Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States of America. The population of the city is more than 2.8 million people. The metropolitan area of Chicago includes more than 9 million people. People of Chicago call the city and suburbs “Chicagoland”. It is important to say that even the local population is not completely sure what territory covers “Chicagoland”. Chicago, as many U.S. cities, makes the smooth transition from the crowded city to the suburbs. Chicago, with its entire history and achievements, is considered to be the economic, industrial, transportation, and cultural capital of the Midwest.      

Chicago has a history that dates back to the time of different tribes. Before Europeans arrived to the continent, Indian tribes occupied the territory of the future city. It is believed that the name of Chicago came from the word “shikaakwa”, which was used by the Illinois and Miami tribes to call the “wild onion” that grew abundantly in those parts. However, this issue is not trustworthy, and there are other theories. At the end of the seventeenth century, the first Europeans came to the territory. These were the French explorers. They quickly estimated the value of these areas as a significant transport hub. The small plot of land was beneficial to get out of Lake Michigan to the Mississippi river. Later, the future Chicago was established at this place. Over years, the rule of the Indians in the lands around Chicago ended. White people came here with the purpose to stay for a long time. One of the most significant events in the history of the city took place in 1848. This year, a waterway from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi was dug. Many immigrants and residents of rural areas from other states rushed to Chicago, which turned into a significant commercial and industrial center. Chicago developed a railroad, telegraphs and opened the first board of trade in the world. The legendary fire of 1871 turned Chicago into a modern city. There were destroyed 18,000 buildings and a third of the urban population became homeless. There was made a decision to launch a large-scale reconstruction of the city. It changed the outlook of the city entirely. A massive reconstruction of Chicago and growth of the economy attracted crowds of unemployed, as well as the huge number of immigrants from Europe. In 1920s, Al Capone and other famous gangsters gave Chicago the name “city of gangsters”. In 1942, the University of Chicago made the first controlled nuclear reaction that later served as a basis for the creation of the nuclear weapon in the U.S. Since the 1950s, the city had a tendency, when the members of the upper and middle classes were moving from downtown Chicago to the suburbs. This migration reduced the population of Chicago. In 2004, there was completed the construction of Millennium Park. This is a unique park with free entrance in the central part of the city.



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Currently, Chicago is growing and developing. In the plans of the local authority is to give the city greener image. It is planned to create many recreational areas, parks, as well as the reversal of the previously neglected areas. In 2008, the city got the title “City of 2008” by the GQ magazine. Chicago fought for the right to host the summer Olympic Games in 2016, but lost to Rio de Janeiro. However, many residents reacted to this positively, believing that the preparation for the games would distract attention from the more important needs of the city.

Nowadays, Chicago is the largest transportation, industrial, economic and cultural center of North America. As a pillar of democracy, Chicago gave birth to many well-known politicians, including the current president Barack Obama. In recent years, Chicago has acquired the status of one of the world's financial center. O'Hare International Airport takes pride getting the second place in the list of the world busiest airports.  Chicago is famous for its unsurpassed architecture, excellent cuisine, as well as plenty of opportunities for recreation and leisure. Chicago has a reputation as one of the most exciting cities for walking. Each area of the city has a unique appearance and character. The district Loop is the business centre of the city. It is a place for the leading city’s museums and theaters, as well as first-class shopping in State Street. Most of the skyscrapers are located exactly in the Loop. In addition to the District Loop, Chicago River divides the city into three main parts that are the North Side, West Side, and South Side. Designer clothing stores and upscale shopping centers are located in the area of North Michigan Avenue. There are many art galleries, as well as trendy clubs in areas of River North, Bucktown, Wicker Park. The University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry are situated in the South, where Chicago conducts the largest city parades.

Chicago, as a distinctive and unique city, has a considerable impact on the people living in it and its guests. The city has received many informal names, of which the most common is the "Windy City". Wind in the urban areas is often extremely cold. Summer in Chicago is warm and humid. Chicago is recognized as the theatrical capital of America. There are a great number of small theaters and studios, many of which have appeared in recent decades, but managed to gain recognition of the audience. Since the 1850s, Chicago has become one of the world's centers of higher education and research considering a number of universities located in the city or the surrounding area. These universities are always in the top rankings among "National Universities" of the United States. The world famous University of Chicago has graduated more Nobel Prize winners than any other university. Summer is a time, when Chicago holds many festivals. These festivals unite many thousands of people from the whole country and the world.

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Chicago is a beautiful city to live and visit during any season. It has many fascinating places and parks to spend there leisure time. The city is completely developed in the industrial and cultural aspects. It is one of the most breathtaking cities of the country with its unique history and nice people.


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