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Free «Climate Changes» Essay Sample

There are a number of health and environmental issues caused by the human activities on the planet Earth. Some of these issues are positively identified by Pollan as the flaring rates of world hunger, environmental pollution and increased usage of non-renewable energy sources. In a well articulated argument, Pollan maintains that changing our daily habits can help improve our health and the health of the planet to a greater extent.

Just like Pollan in his hypothesis that changing our daily habits can improve our health and the health of the planet, Pamela Paul suggest several ways through which we can transform our lifestyle and habits to mitigate the ongoing effects of global hunger as presented in the “Ten Things You can Do to Fight World Hunger”. The author is assertive that “our planet produces more than enough food to feed its population therefore underproduction is not the primary cause of global hunger but the faulty food distribution system”.

Change in our lifestyle and eating habits can solve the global hunger. Pamela observes that a lot of food goes to waste for different reasons in many parts of the world. Many stock foods in their kitchens which they really not need thus depriving the hungry of their rightful shares. Secondly, the author places much emphasis on the irresponsible food consumption as another potential cause of global hunger. Thirdly, “majority treats food as a general commodity like any other rather than a human right”.


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In a bid to fight the global hunger, everyone is under an obligation to change his/her daily habits and in turn develop a new lifestyle that can adequately curb the upwards trend of food wastages in our homes today. As suggested in the essay, we should only stock the rightful amounts of food we need for our daily upkeep. This will release any food surplus to the starving and malnourished. Secondly, there is a dire need that we avoid over-consumption of food supplies so as to avoid the looming artificial shortage alongside other health issues such as obesity and overweight that is associated with the too much eating. Finally, everyone must recognize that food is a basic human right therefore handles it with care and donate it to the needy should there be any need.

Similarly, developing the habit of buying organically grown food is one sure way of promoting agricultural production in the rural farms because such an initiative will save farmers from a cut-throat competition posed by cheaply produced genetically modified foods. Once the farmers can find ready markets for their produce, they will be motivated to continue working on their farms and global food security in realized in the long run. As summarized in the “Buying Organic”, the newly inculcated lifestyle of buying and consuming organic foods is the only remedy to food insecurity. Additionally, lack of toxic chemical substances in organic food production guarantees environmental health and safety.

Nevertheless, resistance to new changes in habits and lifestyles is the main obstacles towards fighting global hunger. Most of us find it extremely difficult to change personal eating behavior. Surprisingly enough, perpetuation of our present eating habits and lifestyles would surely aggravate our health and that of the planet. Many people will eventually go hungry as our natural environment fast gets degraded.

In conclusion, changing our daily habits can greatly improve our health and the health of our planet as supported in “Ten Things You can Do to Fight World Hunger” and “Buying Organic”. Responsible eating behavior and consumption of organic food will permanently solve global hunger and change our climate for better respectively.


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